Friday, November 25, 2011

another canvas

So, when I bought the 16x20 canvas to do the first owl wall art, I found a steal of a deal - "mega" pack with 2 for $7.99. I also used my 40% off coupon, you do the math.  Hoping that I wouldn't need both for the project (I always mess up) I figured a spare would be great to have anyway.  When the first one turned out to my liking, I decided to embark on another project to sort of go along. So, for about 5 bucks, I've hand-painted two canvases that would have originally been about $75.  Here's the second wall art:

Of course, I had some inspiration :)  I'm so proud of myself. It's not perfect my any means (especially the turtle - I can't figure out if it's asian, angry, or both?!), but it certainly works if it saves us $70+ I did "splurge" on the run today at Target (the above painting is actually sitting on it) but I still haven't made up my mind. Sure would LOVE to find a less expensive way to get that one.

Next on the list - the name canvas.  Instead of using Miriam's letters from the nursery, we'll use the I and A for the new baby, and put Miriam's name on a canvas with, you guessed it, an owl.  That means I'll have 3 of the 4 walls with artwork with owls. yay.

Speaking of the new room, tonight is the first night in it.  Of course the paintings aren't on the wall quite yet, but we spent some time playing in there today, changed the mattress and a few things in the drawers and she went down like a piece of cake. She normally has no problem adjusting to sleeping in a new place - hoping that this will be just as easy!


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