Monday, June 3, 2013

Deep Thoughts from Summer 2013...

We're in the start of week 2 of our summer break and I'm in heaven! Sleeping in, no showers in the morning, coffee at my leisure, and two HILARIOUSLY busy girls.  We've been staying busy with this and that and loving every minute of it.  But in the meantime, there's a lot of down time chaos play time that I distance myself from for just a quick breather.  It's in these times I reflect on the day and come up with some fun thoughts and activities that we've done that I don't want to forget.
1. I hate bath toys that have holes in them. They get water in them, sit, and mildew and then squirt crap all over in the tub. Gross. Aren't there any bath toys that don't do this?!
2. I was THAT mom that kept her kids out past nap time today in the grocery store and bribed them not to eat the steering wheel on the "fun buggy" or else they wouldn't get a celebratory cookie upon leaving.
3.  I was also THAT parent that put the kids in buckled seats in front of the TV, WITH cheese puffs, so that I could take a measly sub 5 min shower after my run which made me disguisting.
4. I let my girls play in panties and diapers at the water table the other night. And didn't feel like a bad member of society...until the next morning we noticed the bagillion bug bites on both of them. Lesson learned.
5. I have to be a closet snacker, or no snacker at all around my kids.  If they hear the pantry door, they race to it.  If they see my mouth moving, they want what's in it too.  Either there will be no more snacking in my future or I'll just be hiding oreos and cashews in the back bedroom.
6. I crave restaurant food WAY more than I need to now, just because all we ever eat is food at home. Would love for our budget to open up a bit more, and get more exciting dining times in our life, just like once or twice a week at lunchtime would suffice, I promise!
7. We took a hospital tour today in a horrible double stroller.  I'd rather forget that activity.
8. This house cannot contain us.  We are all busy bodies and HAVE to be doing something.  The inside just isn't a word that is comparable to our family.
9. M and I enjoy about 15-20 outside each day to get a suntan.  We go out right after L goes down for a nap.  She's perfectly content, still, and rests right with me. She loves the sun too - YAY!
10.  I apparently enjoy mixed beverages when it gets warmer.  Move over Moscato - come on down, Malibu!