Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An Alathea Christmas

When I was a new high school graduate, my mom must have been crazy.  She let me hop in an Isuzu Rodeo with 3 girls and a bunch of instruments and hit the road with way too many destinations in sight.  I traveled with a group called Alathea (Greek for Truth)...a Christian folkish band of all girls and some Tennessian flare.  We drove all over the country, as far north as Chicago, south to Florida, and out west to Texas, then even into Mexico for a week or so.  I had A BLAST (understatement!) playing alongside these sweet girls and getting to know them, and traveling the country. I came back in one piece, kept in touch, and even did some traveling the next summer.  These girls are my favorite.  I can't believe it's been close to 12 years since we first met and SO much has changed: we've lost many many dear loved ones, all gotten married, and some of us have even had babies.  To which I dedicate this post to - Baby Boy Burton Langley, born today, December 18 (shares a birthday with lots of folks like Kimberly (best friend from college), Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes and Stephen, lucky boy).

Burton wasn't supposed to join us in the world until 2013, but apparently, if you have any connection to the group Alathea, you tend to have early babies (ALL of our children have been born before their time...). Thankfully, Burton is just happy to be in the world, and to see his momma and daddy's face up close and personal.  But being one with two preemies on my hands,we all know their health and safety can change in an instant, so please join with me as I pray for continued good healthy for Burton and arrival home for Christmas. Claiming that today!

And in honor of him, I'm celebrating by giving YOU a chance to win their Christmas Album released a few years back that is a staple in my Christmas collection.
  I know we're cutting it close to Christmas, but still, it's a wonderful album...and according to my momma who always liked to listen to Christmas music AFTER Thanksgiving up until New Years Day, you can still get it in time to enjoy.  So I can drop it in the mail and share the love.  Then, you can head on over to Alathea's website, order more music (and anticipate their newest album, a Children's CD not just for Kids...coming out as soon as it can), and see if they'll be in your neck of the woods in the Spring or next Summer.

You have until Wednesday at 8 p.m. (EST) to enter by LEAVING A COMMENT telling me your favorite memory of Christmas or Christmas tradition. ** You can earn one more entry by liking their Alathea page on Facebook to keep up with all of the fun stuff (just leave another comment and let me know you liked them).
The winner will be done by drawing.  Aaaand....GO!