Sunday, July 31, 2011

I got it on sale!

One thing my mom always taught me: never buy anything at full price. She used to go shopping at Belk (because if they didn't have, then she didn't need it).  She would take a lunch break on Mon or Tues to go out there, purchase a few items on the sale/clearance racks and use her coupons and 30-60-90 credit card.  She'd bring them home, try them on (and just maybe one piece would fit), then she'd use her lunch hour on Wed or Thurs to take it all back and repeat.  She LIVED at and LOVED Belk(s) as some folks like to add the extra "s".  Even in her sickly days, she and dad would venture out there and shop around for whatever they could find.  Then, when she had a piece that worked for her, when someone would compliment her, she'd give them the break down of the original price vs what she actually paid.

What I learned from that madness: never buy anything at full price (even if that means you have to turn around and take it back)!  I, too, am just like my mother. Why buy something if it's not on sale? Too many people in this world buy things at full price, when you know good and well, it's only worth like 5% of that price :). So, I was able to practice my life lesson at Kohls the other day while looking for a white shirt. On the clearance rack I found the CUTEST, STYLISH dress that was original price of $50. In true mom fashion, I just grabbed it off the rack, and went to the cashier.  With my luck, and tax, I only paid  $7.83. And it's perfect! I plan to live in this dress for the rest of the summer. So, when you see me in a gray/blue dress with a little ruffle, just remember: never buy anything at full price!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm afraid again...

Almost 4 months ago, I wrote this post about giving over my fears in life's situations. Since then I have been living in the joy and freedom of doing just that, and have been blessed beyond measure. And just when I thought I was doing great, and the Lord rewarded in so many different ways, now, I'm at another crossroads of many intersections and don't know which way to choose.

Have you ever felt the God's Holy Spirit leading you a certain way? Have you ever been so convinced by His power to make a particular decision or to be joyful in a time of excitement?  Although I have to be vague, I'm smack dab in the middle of one of those times. Ever thought a good thing wasn't always the best thing? That's me now - and I'm AFRAID that I'll make the wrong decision. AND, besides that, I'm constantly battling the fear I face in other directions.  Back at square one, walking in fear, instead of freedom.

Lord, I just want to walk in the freedom of your provision and providence. You make all things beautiful in time - help me to live in that beauty.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

the party

Sunday was Miriam's First Birthday and her birthday party. She woke up shortly before all 42 guests showed up and then she saw this beauty:
From about the time Miriam started bathing in the "ducky" tub, we knew she had a love for ducks. So, for her party we had a ducky theme and I even got to work in the polka dots (my dream for our first child's first birthday party even before we were pregnant...).  She saw this beautiful cake made by Katie Beth and out of her mouth "duh-ti" :) She even loved the cake! She didn't ask for a fork, or have dirty hands - all she needed was her mouth!

 Here we are, proud Mommy and Daddy  of a sweet One Year Old Miriam!
All in all, it was a great afternoon of celebrations! It was super hot and crowded in our small living area, but we felt so loved by all of the family and friends who came out to shower love on Miriam. She was so happy, and didn't skip a beat with all of those folks around.  We are so blessed to have such a social, happy baby! 
Mom, I hate you missed the party. You would have been proud that I didn't go overboard, I didn't freak out, AND I asked people for help. Each day that goes by with Miriam, I'm reminded more and more of you by Miriam and her smile and her personality.  I'm pretty sure there are pay back days when she gets the best of me...but then she turns right at me, and grins - and it looks just like you. It's crazy how much joy she has brought to our lives, and has - somedays- covered up the bits and pieces of sadness that you're gone. Although the tears and the hurt in my heart are still there, she brings joy and remembrance of you. I still miss you so much, but so glad to celebrate a year for our little bug!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Final Countdown and a prayer

I knew several months ago that I would be spending Miriam's last week as a "x-month old" by leaving town and heading to the tri-state region of KY, VA, and TN with the church's high school group on Mission Appalachia. This is a trip that I've been on 9 times total, since I was a freshman in high school and all throughout my interning years, and now employment years at the church. I normally go on the even years, but since I was so great with child (and in labor with child) last year, I was due a chance to be a part of the team this year. Jeremy had originally planned to travel with us, however his new employment has kept him at home this week. I am so very glad that we've been here this week because as we've been approaching the 1 year mark, my emotions have been running wild! I can't believe that the year has flown by!
   Now, Miriam, crawls, talks, blows kisses, shakes on command, waves without hesitation, smiles to EVERYONE she meets, and loves her food (like she always has!).  She is certainly growing up to be an adorable toddler with quite the personality. And I needed a week away to spend with her, and to keep my mind off all of the things that would soon be ending as she turned one.  Soon, we'll end our special times of mommy milk and she'll being drinking from a cup.  She won't desperately need me 3-4 times a day for nourishment. Instead, she'll want more food to fuel her energy and keep moving! I think I can honestly say I cherished every stage up to this point, but that still doesn't make it sad that we are moving on to a new stage of life.
We also had a prayer that by Miriam's 1st birthday we would be excitedly anticipating another addition to our family within a few short months.  However, the Lord has designed another plan for us to this point.  So we will continue to wait, as we did so patiently on the journey with Miriam, and we will shower all of the love we have on one another and on Miriam.  We certainly are enjoying our little "bug" and can't wait for her to develop a love for a baby brother/sister.  As we taught this week at VBS, God knows exactly what we need, and he is the one who gives ultimate blessings.
We are grateful for our ultimate blessing of sweet Baby M, and pray for a year of health and blessings to be upon her.
And the countdown begins...42 hours left until ULTIMATE DUCKY CELEBRATIONS!!