Sunday, July 31, 2011

I got it on sale!

One thing my mom always taught me: never buy anything at full price. She used to go shopping at Belk (because if they didn't have, then she didn't need it).  She would take a lunch break on Mon or Tues to go out there, purchase a few items on the sale/clearance racks and use her coupons and 30-60-90 credit card.  She'd bring them home, try them on (and just maybe one piece would fit), then she'd use her lunch hour on Wed or Thurs to take it all back and repeat.  She LIVED at and LOVED Belk(s) as some folks like to add the extra "s".  Even in her sickly days, she and dad would venture out there and shop around for whatever they could find.  Then, when she had a piece that worked for her, when someone would compliment her, she'd give them the break down of the original price vs what she actually paid.

What I learned from that madness: never buy anything at full price (even if that means you have to turn around and take it back)!  I, too, am just like my mother. Why buy something if it's not on sale? Too many people in this world buy things at full price, when you know good and well, it's only worth like 5% of that price :). So, I was able to practice my life lesson at Kohls the other day while looking for a white shirt. On the clearance rack I found the CUTEST, STYLISH dress that was original price of $50. In true mom fashion, I just grabbed it off the rack, and went to the cashier.  With my luck, and tax, I only paid  $7.83. And it's perfect! I plan to live in this dress for the rest of the summer. So, when you see me in a gray/blue dress with a little ruffle, just remember: never buy anything at full price!


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