Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow

I absolutely love summer with all that is within me.  I used to love it because it was warm.  I didn't really ever get "vacation" or a break until I had kids, so to love it to be lazy wasn't my reasoning either. I just liked the heat and the slower paced life we all could lead.  As the girls get older and we're into "school" I somehow dread the start of school.  I'm THAT parent that actually desires to NOT go back to school.  Who would have thought?! It's not really because I dislike school that much.  It's really more because I'm just a sentamentalist and I don't want my fun times to end with my two fun little Ghent girls.
But this, my friends, is why I love summer now.  I've watched this video about 10 times tonight after throwing it together this afternoon.  Most folks are taking first day of school photos, and all I care about right now is end of the summer photo montage.

The girls and I had an incredible blast this summer!!! We made a bucket list of about 25 things to accomplish between May 22 and Sept 3.  We did a fantastic job, with only leaving about 3 or 4 items left undone, which hopefully we can still do, or we'll just move to the top of 2015's list. I tried to capture most of our accomplishments by photo and all of our adventures too. Anything from riding a horse and a tricycle, to potty training, to road trips, to hiking, you name it! I have two of the coolest girlfriends right by my side.  We made such fun great memories this summer and I honestly can look back and don't remember those "ugh, I'm so annoyed with my kids" moments.  They were just fun. And we had fun.

Five years ago, I only dreamed that one day, somewhere over the rainbow, I'd be blessed to be a mom and experience this kind of fun.  And now my two little happy bluebirds fly.  And it makes me totally happy.  I will forever treasure this summer in my heart.