Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yo me voy

The time is set before me, and God is preparing the days ahead for great things. In less than 30 hours, I (along with 7 other partners in ministry) will go wheels up and head to Tegucigalpa, Honduras for a week of short term ministry. 
I'm about to catch a glimpse of this beautiful city and its inhabitants. 

While the idea of short term missions and foreign travel isn't "foreign" to me, after much travel after high school and in college, the last trip I took was to Rio Verde, Mexico back in 2010 when I was pregnant with Miriam. J and I both went with dad. It was a fantastic trip for growth, gospel sharing, and adventure. But in my heart depth, we (and maybe me secretly more than him) have been praying fervently for more opportunities for traveling outside and abroad to reach the nations as Jesus commands in Matthew 28. 
The Lord has been gracious and so filled with promise: and all along orchestrated THIS season for a time to travel once again to Honduras on a short term mission trip. 

So with that in mind, there lies such a great responsibility in the 8 days of being present with the sweet people of Tegucigalpa and the community of friends there. We will be visiting feeding centers meeting families who need nourishment, spending time with children in orphanages who long to be loved by parents, loving on sweet newborn babes who's mothers are so young themselves, serving men who's lives may be twisted and turned in a direction they can't even find out and the list goes on. Our prayer is that we are able to share the HOPE we have and that JESUS would shine in all that we do. 

While I felt the call to physically labor in this mission, many of you have been called (and have been faithful to answer that) to support our team. Some have given of your time in helping us organize the details of the trip. Others generously gave of your wealth to offset our personal costs for the trip. Others of you have provided necessary items that we will sharing with the children there. And most importantly, you've all promised your prayers. 
I know that God delights in our prayers when we come to Him and ASK him and SEEK him, and ASK Him specifically, so what are some other things you can pray for in these upcoming days???

1. Our travel!!! We are going to be up EARLY!!! on our departure day for a long morning of travel and will hit the ground running. Pray that in our goings and in our comings that God's presence would hover over us. 
2. Pray for our TEAM HONDURAS unity. 8 members:4 from one church, 4 from another church. Most of us don't know one another. We will meet on the field in the most of flexible situations :)
3. Pray for the established church family and community where we will be serving. We get to partner with the ministry leaders there and work with them in their outreach to be extra hands and feet while we are there. 
Here is my church team:

4. Pray for the beauty of the Gospel to be shared in numerous opportunities, and that we would be BOLD in doing so. Whether it be to a woman nursing a newborn baby, to a child who 
The Bible lessons that we will be teaching. I will be doing the bulk of teaching (in Spanish!! Eek) on Creation (Genesis) and Becoming a New Creation in Christ. I'm excited to use some super awesome cute visuals to help me with creation and some gorgeous photos of butterflies that I have for the other lesson. 

It seems a bit of a task, but pray that the Holy Spirit would annoint the words that are spoken and that they flow with fluency well to share God's right and true word (Psalm 33:4). 

5. Personally, pray for my family. You know, the cute Ghent girls and the fantastic wonderful husband who supports his wife in God's calling. They have a village caring after them since J has to work and travel most of the week, but the girls will be fine. We've talked about what I am doing and why I am going. And I know they will pray for me. This is a "first" for all of us-I've never been apart from the girls more than 3 days and certainly never out of the country without my husband. It. Will. Be. Fine. Right? 

I can't wait to see how God teaches, humbles, instructs, encourages, protects and provides in the midst of this week. I pray that you, too, would be encouraged through His work. 

Looking forward to sharing the beauty face to face with you. 

Hasta luego