Monday, August 24, 2009


It was quite a weekend of celebrations, fellowship, and even some tears as Jeremy, Dad, and I drove to Georgia to see my sister, Jeff, Grace, and SE. The occasion - Sarah Elizabeth's baptism on Sunday (what would have been mom's 56th birthday celebration).

Our time together was so wonderful. All 9 of us (sis, Jeff, Grace, SE, Dad, Jeff's parents, J & I) stayed at the Hopewell Manse Inn - providing as much "donutness" as we could ever want on Sunday mornings (haha). Saturday, the fellas snuck in a round of golf, while the girls did the shopping thing. Then, sis and Jeff went out to dinner to celebrate their 9 year wedding anniversary. I gave my first bath to SE that night and we had a blast splashin in the water!

Then Sunday came. It was a hard day, but Praise the Lord, there was celebration to be had. Sunday came after this past Wednesday (which marked 6 months since mom's passing) which was probably an even more difficult day. i was just so thankful that we had something to celebrate on mom's birthday day this time. We all were able to worship together at Hopewell ARP (Jeff's the pastor) and witness the beautiful baptism of SE. We then had lunch at our favorite local joint, Mongolian Grille (or Mongos as we refer to it) and celebrated with a yummy Publix cake (hence the picture) - - when they went to get the cake, they were quite puzzled - what exactly do you write on a cake that's in honor of a 3 mth old baby baptism? So, "Go Jesus" was the only answer they thought - the covenant family was gaining another member. Funny, though, the cake decorator didn't know how to spell Jesus, which led into an interesting attempt to share the gospel...none the less, the baker now knows a "Jesus" and we can only pray that this funny incident will bring her to know the true JESUS!

Here are some pictures from our time together.

Don't we look like a cute family?! Jeremy and I are surely blessed to have 2 wonderful nieces!

Here's Papa and his two sweet girls!

Perhaps the most adorable 3 month old baby girl I know right now!