Friday, July 24, 2015

Weekend camp out

It's been a hot summer (for which you won't hear me complain about-i LOVE the heat!!!) but we haven't done a few of our bucket list items like nature trail hiking or much bike riding his without training wheels, but we did manage to plan a weekend camping trip with our cousins this past weekend which was another highlight of our summer. We have done nothing but make the absolute BEST memories this summer and I love that they are mostly happening at the lake. 
This is definitely our family's go to spot for calmness, solitude, rejuvenation, laughter, and we've been building some great relationships with the people we've had join us this season, not to mention completely soak up every waking moment with J's side of the family. This weekend, his sister, her husband andtheir  family (three boys ages 9.5, 8, and 5) came for the weekend. We were camping out. Oh. My. 

We didn't even own a tent, an air mattress or anything of the sort. But by Friday afternoon, the tent was ours, we opted for camping with sleeping bags only and we were packed and set for a full weekend of lake fun. It was on!!!
Our little silver tent, brand new, was a fabulous use of J's cabelas gift cards. It sleeps 5 sleeping bags, and we know for a fact it keeps the rain out. 
Friday night we played with glow sticks and made smores. Goofed off with flashlights and went to bed extremely too late. And watched our five kids enjoy being together as they always do. 
We even caught fireflies again!

The sun rose early the next morning and it was time to play. Sadly, both of the moms needed coffee so we made a trip into town, but once back the rest of the day was spent in the water. Until these clouds rolled in...
At the lake, when clouds come, it shouldn't dampen your day. Typically we have "rain parties" but we saw some lightening so we were out of the water for a bit. Underneath a tiny square foot of shelter on the dock for about 30 minutes we had fun laughing and singing and counting down the minutes before we could play again. 
At least one of the kiddos took a nap with the live sound machine!! Once the lightening stopped, rain party was on, and kids (little and big, young and old were in the water swimming. It's so much more fun, apparently to run and jump off the dock when it's raining on you. 

And since I had been "practicing" how to ski the previous weekend, they all thought it was time for me to go out and try again before the day was up. Sure enough, I had a few good runs, got up immediately on the ski rope, and a lifetime bucket list item was accomplished (actually two-camping with my famil AND skiing!!!!) so much fun!!!! M and the boys all went tubing too. 
After another night of camping, the kids woke up to another beautiful morning, played a bit before Em had to take back her crowd. 

J and I stayed the day with Gerald and Qunicy and Breanna along with Nana and Tripaw for most of the day. We grilled dogs on the infamous grill, 

splashed in the water, 

barehanded caught a large bass,

 and made memories that will last. All just 15 minutes from the house.

We praise God every day for that place and the opportunity to be out in it. We are grateful our girls have the chance to appreciate it and love being in the outdoors and aren't afraid of bugs (well, except for Lydia and the occasional freak out...) and fish and the lake floor (which I think is icky!!!). Most of all, we treasure the moments with our family, knowing those won't always be forever. That is so special to us now. And we already can't wait to do it again next time.