Friday, September 30, 2011

The blur of September

This has been a super busy crazy month! We've done some great things as a family, reached some MAJOR goals, and helped ourselves out in a few ways. Just a glimpse:
1. We celebrated my birthday at Edisto - here we are (LEFT) after our filling meal at the Sea Cow Eatery
2.  We shared the exciting news of our impending arrival with Miriam's friends and teachers at Preschool...the shirt says it all!
3.  Miriam is full fledged mobile now! She has learned all about walking and goes super fast now. Thanks to her friend, Virginia with Easter Seals, she's a walking machine - and soon she'll be a talking machine (and we already know she's a dancing machine!)
4.  Miriam has stopped using the pacifier! Her top teeth (or maybe just tooth) starting coming in last week and we decided to kick it in the butt - we actually didn't loose ANY sleep, but did have to deal with at most 8 minutes of the CIO method.  It didn't last long and paci is long gone.
5.  We gave up "bottles" at Miriam's 13 month day....except for one, the first of the morning, warm milk bottle. We've struggled on and off with this, but I think we finally got rid of it - just feed her food before milk, and she's good to go! (who knew she enjoyed eating so much?!)
6.  We celebrated with friends and cheered on our Gamecocks every Saturday - we even taught Miriam how to join in:

7. We've been enjoying spending our Sunday mornings (9-12:30) at the church. Miriam loves the nursery and all of the volunteers love her. While I work, and daddy attends, she's well taken care of.  Here's our latest family photo at a reception at church last weekend (thanks Virginia!)

8.  I'm well into the 2nd trimester now, and although it may be mental, I am feeling a lot better. I've actually been cooking in the kitchen a good bit, feeling better about grocery shopping, and not having to nap every afternoon. These 13 weeks make pregnancy bliss! We're looking forward to the month ahead - I'll start my progesterone shots, we'll have a couple of ultrasounds, and we're hoping to know the sex at 16.5 weeks (I know, long shot, but if not then, we'll definitely know sometime in October).

We've got great anticipation for October: celebrating our 5th anniversary, my best friend's baby shower, a trip to the NC mountains, an anniversary trip to TN and a great friend's wedding, finding out the sex of Baby G, and a lot of work, meetings, and meals to go in between.

Hope your September was a blast (and hopefully not a blur), and October holds hope and anticipation for you too!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Things I got...

Before the weekend, I wrote this post about random things I had been craving. I am happy to report that I got 6 out of the 10 by this morning. That's not too shabby...and it looks much better than my to-do list. So now, all that's left is:
1. pickles and chicken salad
2. cheesecake
3. indian food
4. a nap

5. new underwear....maybe I should wait a little on these too, since my growing hips and all might demand a slightly larger size?
6. an apple dessert of some sort
7. a photo shoot with Miriam...I think I'm going to wait until she's about 15 months - which will be right at the time we're in the mountains for a church retreat. we always go to the apple orchard, so I can see us getting some real good shots there! now just to find the perfect outfit.....
8. someone to do her 1 yr scrapbook....note, I did at least get all of the pictures that I want to use for it organized. Maybe my SIL will continue to encourage me to get started on that thing!!
9. a vacation (one at least longer than 36 hours)...yeah, this will happen in my dreams only
10. to hear 130-170 bpm on Monday  it was actually about 148 :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

Things I want:

(and in no particular order)
1. pickles and chicken salad
2. cheesecake
3. indian food
4. a nap
5. new underwear
6. an apple dessert of some sort
7. a photo shoot with Miriam
8. someone to do her 1 yr scrapbook
9. a vacation (one at least longer than 36 hours)
10. to hear 130-170 bpm on Monday

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm not ashamed.

So I NEVER do link ups, simply because I just don't have time to read and blog-stalk, but today is a different kind of's a Thursday. and a rainy one at that! So, why not, right?  Maybe you, me and Amber will have something in common...

Just remember, it's ok....
1. to not shower this morning because you know you'll want to be extra refreshed on Friday morning
2. to eat a donut in two bites in less than 30 seconds
3. to eat your lunch from the trial soup cups at earth fare because you can't decide which of the 4 to actually purchase
4. to take a little extra time to browse the web when your thinking cap has already headed for the weekend
5. to search for items on craigslist that you want to get for your daughter for christmas, and get mad at the people who think they'll actually get that for what they're trying to sell
6. to let a little toot slip in the privacy of your own office
7. to mess with a telemarketer/salesperson on the phone
8. to go by BOTH chick-fil-a restaurants in your town on free chicken biscuit day so you have one for breakfast and one for lunch - for $0
9. to daydream about the weekend momentarily
10. to go out to dinner because you just can't find it in you to fix anything.

Not that I"ve done any (or all) of these in the past 24 hours...but hey, even if I have, it's okay, because it's Thursday!