Saturday, September 10, 2011

Only 6 days left...

And apparently Verizon will delete my ONLY 2 saved voice mails from 2007. One of them happens to be from September 11, 2007 when mom and dad sang happy birthday to me. The other is a call from mom right near Thanksgiving just a few short months after my birthday when she was headed up for one of her treatments.  I've listened to the birthday message every Sept 11 since then, and some in between just for the refreshing sound of her voice. The other I always forget about until after I listen to the first birthday message.
I LOVE these messages. It's like one of the last "living" memories of my dead mother. But last night while listening to them (to check other voicemails) the prerecorded lady told me I was down to "this message will be saved for 6 days" has in the past said 17, 21, or even 55 days before. And clearly, they haven't been deleted.
But now that she said 6, I'm starting to worry that Verizon is about to take some of my most precious memories of my mother.
And that just plain makes me sad. I hope that it's just a phony message - and the voicemail will at least make it one more year til the big 3-0.  Nonetheless, I'll still listen to it tomorrow, and will smile, the same way I did when I first heard the message for the first time.


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