Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The BEST book ever...

Mom -
Do you remember that book that I'd read stories out of late at night during those last few nights...

In January, I found possibly the best book ever to share with all of my children and families at the church - The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name, written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and phenomenal illustrations by Jago. This amazing book shares all of the same cute Sunday School Bible stories that we've always heard growing up. But instead of stopping at the rainbow with Noah, the Red Sea with Moses, or Zacchaeus without friends....the story continues and literally breathes the name of Jesus, our wonderful Savior, in every single story!

Since discovering The Jesus Storybook Bible, I have added it to our "MUST HAVE" resources list at the church and for all of the families and I encourage them to read these great stories instead of the "fairy tale princess-dragon" stories. I've also bought several copies for the children in my family, so that they can experience the great name of Jesus. In all of my Sunday School classes and Children's Church times, I am always carrying the Jesus Storybook Bible with me. It's becoming such a "sword" for me and the children around me - we love it!

Please check it out at and order one today!! Even though they say it's for children ages 4-7, I believe any infant can be captured by the colors in the illustrations and every adult can rejoice with the culmination of every story - a quiet whisper of the name of Jesus. I strongly recommend you add this to your library as soon as possible!