Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lydia's birth story

It was a Friday night, about a week and a half ago that I had just finished my wonderful meal from Outback (well, actually, I only ate the bloomin onion, I was too full to get to any of my meal...).  I was lying on the couch, watching Blue Bloods (our favorite Friday night event).  I had been having contractions that were progressing on and off all week, but Friday had been better than Thursday by leaps and bounds.  Jeremy and I still were hunching that the weekend was bringing BIG changes.
Saturday came, and J took Miriam to a bounce house place in town around 9 while I was at home, doing some small quick chores (put sheets in wash, make out grocery list, etc)...but I couldn't get comfortable.  Contractions really started around 9:15 or 9:30 or so.  I tried everything to talk myself out of believing that they were the real thing, and I started doing anything and everything I could to get them to go away. Finally, by 11, I decided to take a shower (it wasn't one of my "shower days") just in case I ended up at the hospital....and by 11:30, I finally called the on call doctor at the hospital. She returned the call, I explained what was going on, and she told me to go on in. So, Jeremy got Miriam home around 11:55 a.m., we packed her lunch and bags, and headed out the door.  J dropped me off at the hospital on his way to take Miriam to a sitter's house, and I went into triage.
After initially seeing the doctor and getting checked, I was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced (I was 2 cm on Wednesday, just days before) and my contractions were certainly contractions (and not just braxton hicks with cramps from the land down under...).  So, I was admitted at 12:50 p.m. and given one dose of Procardia (a med to stop contractions that makes your heart flutter!!!) at 1 p.m., then another at 2 p.m. Meanwhile, I'm beginning to get a bit uncomfortable.  By 2:45 I admitted that I was a wimp and needed something to take the edge off while we the nurse was concerned, and checked me.  She looked a little confused and went to get the charge nurse.  When the charge nurse came and checked, I was fully dilated and ready to have a baby - WITHOUT AN EPIDURAL - WHAT????!!!!
That was definitely not in my birth plan, but nor was having a 33 week baby!  Unfortunately, the doctor was somewhere and I had to literally hold the baby in without pushing for about 20 minutes.  She walked in, I got situated, and a big contraction came....I pushed once, twice, then a third time and in less than a minute of pushing, sweet Lydia Elise was born, weighing 5 pounds and 6 oz and 18 inches long.
These pictures only seem "cute" to mom and everyone else, they look a little gross :)
The first time we got to hold our little sweet pea - at 3 days old

Unfortunately, her little body suffered some trauma and was in severe respiratory distress, so I was unable to hold her or nurse her and she was whisked away to the nicu and given oxygen and immediately needed to be hooked up to IVs, monitor cords, and a cpap machine. (potentially the SADDEST thing I've had to look at since my mother's suffering and death)
Ten minutes later, I was up and walking around, and moved to a room near the nursery.  I felt great and wasn't experiencing any pain at all, just a bit of uncomfortableness.  Honestly, the pricks for the IV and blood draws, along with the cramping that followed days after delivery were a whole lot worse than the actual delivery and stitching I received. Quick, short, simple....
Then, reality hit and Lydia's recovery became our intense focus.
We have been blessed by her presence and sweet body that we have gradually gotten to hold and love more and more in these last 10 days.
We anticipate her homecoming in the next 2-5 days....
Sweet face without any tubes, stickers, or cords attached to her face on day 5

Friday, February 10, 2012

19 months, 33 weeks, and 19 days

Never thought I'd be so attached to a timeline like above, but on a day like today, those numbers are all I can think of for a few reasons:
1. 19 months - Miriam turned a whopping 19 months today. she's now more on her way to being a 2 year old than a "baby" - scary!  She's doing so many things and learning so much.  Lately, she loves to march and stomp when we sing "we are the dinosaurs"...she loves giving kisses...she LOVES playing outside...she loves snack time, meal time, and any other time that food is involved (and the best part, she's not picky at all, although she's going through a funny phase that she picks and chooses the texture of chicken that she likes)...she knows Nana, TriPaw, and Papa, Kelley (the lady who cares for her in the afternoon), and Ginger (the across the street neighbor who helps us each morning to get ready and get in the car) by name...she is learning how to throw and kick a ball (her favorite toy) and we think she'll be playing soccer before too long....other newer words in her vocabulary include airplane, orange, chicken, bath, cupid, pasta, block, doll, lovey, blankie, outside are just to name a few....she knows how to feed a baby a bottle and the need for burping them afterwards (although she isn't as gentle as she should be, it will be interesting to see if I ever catch her feeding Lydia and pelting burping her the same way)...she LOVES her daddy, and loves the time she gets to play with him in the evenings, especially since I don't do much of anything but lie on the couch (they're favorite game is chase)...she is starting to come around on the whole reading thing - she used to only sit for about the first page, and now we can spend 30 minutes on one book! many new things, and I'm sure the list will just keep growing! I can't believe she's growing so fast!!

2. I reached another week of pregnancy on Wednesday - 33! Only one more week to our ultimate goal, but I'm quite convinced that I can't do it. I'm 2 cm dilated, and contractions were 5 minutes apart for 1.5 hrs last night, although they weren't unbearable...and then they stopped, so it was a false alarm. We almost got ready for the hospital, but I fell asleep (that means they stopped and I finally got comfortable!) I was smart though - the bags have been packed and in the van for the past 6 weeks now, so we're ready at a moment's notice!  I can't believe this pregnancy is coming to an end, and quickly. I so love the season, and despite the difficulty this one has posed, I'm grateful for the being that's inside of me, knitted together to be a special one, Lydia, our promise of beauty. I have realized, though, that sadly I will miss my OB visits - Since seeing him and his nurse so exclusively over the past 10 weeks, they've become such friends.  They're the reason I get to shower and put on make up each week. I have no clue what it will be like after it's all over when I don't visit them each week. They're my new BFFs!! Nonetheless, we keep pushing for 5 more days at least - but J and I think that it's gonna be this weekend....who knows?!

3. 19 days left until I'm no longer employeed! I've been trying to tie up any loose end that ever existed before the end of this week, as we have a feeling that I won't be able to do much work after the weekend, or next week. I just signed my last mailout on official letterhead with my name on it. It's sad that more will be ordered next month, and my name won't be on it....but, it's not as sad that I won't be stressed out by finding substitutes for Sunday school classes at last minute notices, or deal with parents who have disobedient and defiant children, nor will I be on call 24/7 for anything and everything that could happen in the church.  It is definitely bitter sweet, don't get me wrong, but I am excited for the life ahead - and can't believe it will be here before I know it!!

Other random thoughts from the week:
- Beaches is a great movie, and perfect for a good cry.
- Chocolate chip cookies are my new favorite treat
- I think our oven has bit the dust
- I really, really, really miss Hobby Lobby and Michaels
- We're getting Outback tonight because the lady supplying the meal is the "take out queen" - bloomin onion, here I come (so glad I don't have heartburn during pregnancy!)
- finished reading Exodus this morning - those silly Israelites, when will they ever learn?!
- Tuesday is Valentines day, and while Miriam's valentines for her preschool class were finished last weekend, I haven't even thought about Jeremy, and made him promise he wouldn't was $4.95 on a cheesy card this year
- I've watched the full seasons of Downton Abbey and wait in total suspense for Sunday (hopefully Lydia won't ruin that!)
- I fell asleep while watching Toy Story 3 yesterday...not a good sign for the review of that movie
- I wonder what the weekend looks like - we'll just have to wait and see!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Moses....or Pharaoh...

I've been reading through the start of the Bible and this morning I read chapters of Exodus where the account of the Israelites vs the Egyptians is recorded.  As I read the Old Testament, I often transport myself into these stories trying to figure out what was going on, what everyone was thinking, and how I would have reacted.  They are always filled with so much adventure, and grace.
There were so many thoughts running through my head about this account....
1. How often am I like Moses, declaring myself not worthy of acting as the Lord's servant because of my failings?? Like, "who am I Lord, that you'd want me to share your love with that person?"  Many times I find myself at the foot of God, claiming to not be able to do whatever he calls me to do - when in reality, the Lord equips us for whatever purpose and task he sets before us.  And just like Moses, I sometimes need confirmation of the Lord's power.
2. How often am I like Pharaoh, having a hardened heart and not listening to the Lord in his commandments in my life?  The Lord hardened his heart to show his glory, and Pharaoh was so determined....determined to go against every plague the Lord was sending - he wanted to be blessed, but wouldn't follow through and let the Israelites leave.
3. How often am I like the Israelites, giving my cents of grumbling at anything that doesn't go my way?  How many times, I don't understand how the Lord is working his goodness in my life for tomorrow because I'm distracted by the present of what he is doing today (and how I don't think it jives with what I think should be happening).

This is the bottom line of the account of the Exodus:  The Lord will prove his might in any way - and sometimes will go out of his way - to have it been seen. He is filled with so much might and power, so much that we can't put our minds around it.  But, he uses it for his glory, his purpose, and our good.
Thankfully, we live in a day where the locusts, frogs, hail storms, and death of the firstborns won't really come to us, but the Lord will continue to work out his ways in our life.
May this account remind me daily of the Lords power and grace, and my need to submit to his will, knowing he  will supply all I need.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I'm finishing up week #3 of bed rest and after a week and a half of pure boredom, I created some motivation and purpose in life for the 8 hours that I'm typically home alone in the quiet without Miriam during the week. I've become quite productive in the past 10 days and I must say I'm quite proud.
There was only so much internet surfing, facebook stalking, and Maury watching one person can do, so I had to find something else to occupy my time.  Unfortunately, blogging hasn't made it to that list, but maybe I'll be more blog-filled in the upcoming days as we anticipate the bed rest coming to an end.  Here's a recap on the last week:
1. Scheduled visitors to come each day Mon-Thurs, particularly around lunch time (accomplished 1. getting lunch fixed/brought from the outside world, 2. catching up with old friends, 3. watching good movies, 4. actually "working" with the interim director who will step in after I leave, 5. gave something exciting to look forward to each day).
2. Visited the doctor twice (again) this week, once for an emergency visit after contractions and no fetal movement, then another for my shot and regular check and a surprise ultrasound.  I LOVE my OB doc and his nurse. I've seen them more than once a week since a week before Christmas.  I am already going through withdrawals for when this whole thing is over and I won't get to visit them.  They are my new BFFs. Plus, the doctors visits are the only reason I ever shower and actually get ready and wear real clothes. It makes me feel "special" to get to get out. ha.
3. Ate fruit instead of horrible snack items lying around the house. My friend brought a fruit mix to the house 2 weeks ago and I ate it up - so we made a second batch of it, and I can't stop eating it!!!
4. I started reading the scriptures all the way through - I get tired of reading novels, but thought I could spend some valuable time reading the Bible while I had it.  This week I was in Exodus - the start of Moses and his life and his obedience and his fear. Kind of reminded me of me a good bit....
5. I did the taxes. This has always been a Super Bowl day tradition in my family, but given that the baby could come any minute, I had to get on them.  And this year, anytime I got a document, I went ahead and plugged it in.  Not too shabby this year, although our state taxes have gone down, and we no longer qualify for some things because "our income exceeds the limit" - ha, that's a first!! we'll suck it up and pay the $34 filing fee for those, just so they can be done and deposited sooner than later!!
6. I didn't spend hours and hours online this week. I did, however, spend a good 10-12 hours doing some work (close out reports, updates, emails, etc).  I can't believe I only have 3.5 more weeks of being employed!!!
7. I completely finished Miriam's 1st year scrapbook with journaling.  It's all done, and I love it!
8. I got papers from Miriam's preschool about her Valetines Day class party on Friday.  Ooops!! Totally forgot that she is in a cute little class that now does parties and such.  So, since I'm not keen on the SpongeBob SquarePants or Hello Kitty "will you be mine" cheap made cards that cost more than they should. And I figure that since there's a good chance I could have a baby next weekend, and for fear of letting the V-day needs slip through my hands, I spent the day crafting these babies:
I got the idea from this post off Skip To My Lou in January and thought - "oh those are cute, wonder if I'll ever need to make them...." And sure enough, as soon as I remembered I had to provide valentines for her class on both Monday and Tuesday of next week, I thought it would be perfect.  My MIL picked up some clearance cardstock from Michaels ($3.33 for 25 sheets) and some Motts for Tots fruit snacks (Miriam's favorite) and with all of the other supplies already on hand, I got crafty during naptime today.  I'm so excited a. that these turned out so cute and b. they're all ready to go.  I also did some of these cute tootsie pop butterflies for all of the teachers.  We're all set for V-day now and I don't feel like I spent a loot on everything!!
9. We got the last bit of Miriam's furniture on Friday.  We were waiting on her tall dresser and the conversion kits.  Now her room is complete, the nursery is complete (Lydia's name is actually ALREADY above her crib (it took us 7 months after Miriam was born to get hers up), and we've got everything we need for the baby.  I could, technically, go in to labor tonight and we'd be set (although, I'd prefer to wait a good week or so).
10. It's Saturday and I've already watched 3 movies: Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties (don't laugh), A Love Letter, and The Others.  Now that Miriam is in bed, it's time for a Netflix show - Toy Story 3.

So, here's to another week....and hopefully at least 10 more days of pregnancy.  I am excited to see what these next days hold - here are a few ideas:
1. another day with my friend Erin to watch movies all afternoon and eat CookOut
2. perhaps just ONE doctor visit instead of TWO
3. a day on bed rest at my aunt's watching her cable (she has EVERY CHANNEL known to man!)
4. learning remembering how to crochet and start a project for Lydia

Yay for another week!!