Monday, February 6, 2012

Moses....or Pharaoh...

I've been reading through the start of the Bible and this morning I read chapters of Exodus where the account of the Israelites vs the Egyptians is recorded.  As I read the Old Testament, I often transport myself into these stories trying to figure out what was going on, what everyone was thinking, and how I would have reacted.  They are always filled with so much adventure, and grace.
There were so many thoughts running through my head about this account....
1. How often am I like Moses, declaring myself not worthy of acting as the Lord's servant because of my failings?? Like, "who am I Lord, that you'd want me to share your love with that person?"  Many times I find myself at the foot of God, claiming to not be able to do whatever he calls me to do - when in reality, the Lord equips us for whatever purpose and task he sets before us.  And just like Moses, I sometimes need confirmation of the Lord's power.
2. How often am I like Pharaoh, having a hardened heart and not listening to the Lord in his commandments in my life?  The Lord hardened his heart to show his glory, and Pharaoh was so determined....determined to go against every plague the Lord was sending - he wanted to be blessed, but wouldn't follow through and let the Israelites leave.
3. How often am I like the Israelites, giving my cents of grumbling at anything that doesn't go my way?  How many times, I don't understand how the Lord is working his goodness in my life for tomorrow because I'm distracted by the present of what he is doing today (and how I don't think it jives with what I think should be happening).

This is the bottom line of the account of the Exodus:  The Lord will prove his might in any way - and sometimes will go out of his way - to have it been seen. He is filled with so much might and power, so much that we can't put our minds around it.  But, he uses it for his glory, his purpose, and our good.
Thankfully, we live in a day where the locusts, frogs, hail storms, and death of the firstborns won't really come to us, but the Lord will continue to work out his ways in our life.
May this account remind me daily of the Lords power and grace, and my need to submit to his will, knowing he  will supply all I need.


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