Saturday, February 4, 2012


I'm finishing up week #3 of bed rest and after a week and a half of pure boredom, I created some motivation and purpose in life for the 8 hours that I'm typically home alone in the quiet without Miriam during the week. I've become quite productive in the past 10 days and I must say I'm quite proud.
There was only so much internet surfing, facebook stalking, and Maury watching one person can do, so I had to find something else to occupy my time.  Unfortunately, blogging hasn't made it to that list, but maybe I'll be more blog-filled in the upcoming days as we anticipate the bed rest coming to an end.  Here's a recap on the last week:
1. Scheduled visitors to come each day Mon-Thurs, particularly around lunch time (accomplished 1. getting lunch fixed/brought from the outside world, 2. catching up with old friends, 3. watching good movies, 4. actually "working" with the interim director who will step in after I leave, 5. gave something exciting to look forward to each day).
2. Visited the doctor twice (again) this week, once for an emergency visit after contractions and no fetal movement, then another for my shot and regular check and a surprise ultrasound.  I LOVE my OB doc and his nurse. I've seen them more than once a week since a week before Christmas.  I am already going through withdrawals for when this whole thing is over and I won't get to visit them.  They are my new BFFs. Plus, the doctors visits are the only reason I ever shower and actually get ready and wear real clothes. It makes me feel "special" to get to get out. ha.
3. Ate fruit instead of horrible snack items lying around the house. My friend brought a fruit mix to the house 2 weeks ago and I ate it up - so we made a second batch of it, and I can't stop eating it!!!
4. I started reading the scriptures all the way through - I get tired of reading novels, but thought I could spend some valuable time reading the Bible while I had it.  This week I was in Exodus - the start of Moses and his life and his obedience and his fear. Kind of reminded me of me a good bit....
5. I did the taxes. This has always been a Super Bowl day tradition in my family, but given that the baby could come any minute, I had to get on them.  And this year, anytime I got a document, I went ahead and plugged it in.  Not too shabby this year, although our state taxes have gone down, and we no longer qualify for some things because "our income exceeds the limit" - ha, that's a first!! we'll suck it up and pay the $34 filing fee for those, just so they can be done and deposited sooner than later!!
6. I didn't spend hours and hours online this week. I did, however, spend a good 10-12 hours doing some work (close out reports, updates, emails, etc).  I can't believe I only have 3.5 more weeks of being employed!!!
7. I completely finished Miriam's 1st year scrapbook with journaling.  It's all done, and I love it!
8. I got papers from Miriam's preschool about her Valetines Day class party on Friday.  Ooops!! Totally forgot that she is in a cute little class that now does parties and such.  So, since I'm not keen on the SpongeBob SquarePants or Hello Kitty "will you be mine" cheap made cards that cost more than they should. And I figure that since there's a good chance I could have a baby next weekend, and for fear of letting the V-day needs slip through my hands, I spent the day crafting these babies:
I got the idea from this post off Skip To My Lou in January and thought - "oh those are cute, wonder if I'll ever need to make them...." And sure enough, as soon as I remembered I had to provide valentines for her class on both Monday and Tuesday of next week, I thought it would be perfect.  My MIL picked up some clearance cardstock from Michaels ($3.33 for 25 sheets) and some Motts for Tots fruit snacks (Miriam's favorite) and with all of the other supplies already on hand, I got crafty during naptime today.  I'm so excited a. that these turned out so cute and b. they're all ready to go.  I also did some of these cute tootsie pop butterflies for all of the teachers.  We're all set for V-day now and I don't feel like I spent a loot on everything!!
9. We got the last bit of Miriam's furniture on Friday.  We were waiting on her tall dresser and the conversion kits.  Now her room is complete, the nursery is complete (Lydia's name is actually ALREADY above her crib (it took us 7 months after Miriam was born to get hers up), and we've got everything we need for the baby.  I could, technically, go in to labor tonight and we'd be set (although, I'd prefer to wait a good week or so).
10. It's Saturday and I've already watched 3 movies: Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties (don't laugh), A Love Letter, and The Others.  Now that Miriam is in bed, it's time for a Netflix show - Toy Story 3.

So, here's to another week....and hopefully at least 10 more days of pregnancy.  I am excited to see what these next days hold - here are a few ideas:
1. another day with my friend Erin to watch movies all afternoon and eat CookOut
2. perhaps just ONE doctor visit instead of TWO
3. a day on bed rest at my aunt's watching her cable (she has EVERY CHANNEL known to man!)
4. learning remembering how to crochet and start a project for Lydia

Yay for another week!!


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