Thursday, February 24, 2011

my apologies

When J and I bought our house, we went through our local credit union who has held my banking membership since I was a preschooler and knew what a penny, nickle and dime were.  We ended up being the first couple to go through the process of their "new loan".  Funny enough, they asked us to be the poster family for their mortgage department and all of the advertisments for that department for a whole year had us on the cover. We even got a billboard (apparently, but I never saw it).  Thankfully, I have a branch right down the road from me, so whenever I have to go to the bank, it's just a hop, skip and jump away. And, everybody knows me and my life story in there. That's what I love about a local credit union - it's more than just a bank.
The past week, I've had to go twice to deposit a total of 5 checks (2 the first time, 3 the next).  I have made a fool of myself both times. The first time, I told the teller I wanted to deposit the $$ into my checking account, but I gave her the wrong account number. I repeatedly told her which account and she was so confused...probably because the account number I wrote WAS the checking account, even though I insisted it was different. I apologized that morning for me not being with it.
Then I stepped in yesterday to make what I thought was a BIG deposit, and walked away with something VERY SMALL. So I accused the teller (the same one from the other mishap) of not doing it right. I thought my check was $500+ but instead it was only $94. Geeze! Where has my mind been lately?! I think I've completely lost all since of sense!
To the sweet head teller at my local credit union, my sincere apologies for being totally brain dead and inadequate of doing my banking duties this week.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I hate February.

I hate the month of February. I used to hate it because it was surrounded by hearts, conversational candies, and love.  It was always cold and depressing, especially when there was no one on the receiving end of my hearts, wasted money on candy and love. Well, I'm excited to say I no longer hate February for those reasons, but I've managed to rack up a whole new list of the top 3 reasons why I don't like February.
3. We make our determination on weather based on a mammal who comes out from a hole and either sees a shadow or he doesn't. Really glad he did (or he didn't?) - and now Spring is coming sooner than later - woohoo!
2. We have 7 family birthdays in the span of 28 days. Please tell me how I am supposed to keep that all straight? Not to mention fund the budget to afford not only the gifts, but the cards too!
And the number one real reason I hate February:
1.  There are 19 days that I relive so vividly now that I would honestly choose not to have ever experienced.  If you ask me, I can pretty much tell you what I was doing, what I was wearing, what I ate, and where I was on any of those days.  Truth is, it actually starts back in January.  See, on January 24, 2009, my life started to change drastically. Mom hit one of the lowest points in her illness, and from that day on, declined in her health to her death. She had a stroke, seizure, or something (it was never really determined/clarified).  You can read about everything for yourself at her caringbridge site if you'd like (but grab some kleenex, I can't make any promises for dry eyes!).  Not only are these past weeks difficult to remember, but these next 4-7 days are so bitter for my memory. I get a day like today and think "this was the last day 2 years ago that I heard my mother speak", or a day like tomorrow and think about the sounds of the machines and her moaning from all of the pain. It was hard to live in those moments, but it's even been harder to relive them. While we were in the moment, we all knew what we were up against. We were waiting, patiently, for her departure confidant of the Rest that she would find.  We had already grieved the loss of our mother/wife/nana/friend in the 22 months prior to her death.  But as we relive the days, it's a reminder of the reality that my mother is dead.

Many folks have their opinion of what year is the hardest. Some say the first, others say the 3rd. But so far, for me, it's definitely the 2nd. Having Miriam was certainly the biggest life change since mom's death (or ever probably!), and to have my daughter in life with me is sometimes difficult without having my mother around. The Lord surely knew what he was doing when he knit Miriam in my womb, giving her uncanny-like similarities to my mother. It's FREAKY how much she resembles mom every day.

Bottom line. On February 19,2009 at 2:51 p.m. my momma died. I held my mom's left hand and watched her breathe her last breath. No wonder I'm helping end the world drought this week through my tears! She's gone, and I can't bring her back. But for all of the reasons I hate February, I'm sure glad I have 19 days of it to remember her last days in life.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Still six months...

So, with just less than a week left in your sixth month of life, I had a few free moments (FINALLY!) to sit and blog about you, our precious Miriam. What a month(s) it has been!! Many firsts, and lots of smiles later, we're making our way to month 7!  All since December 10 (celebrated 5 months old) you...
- started attending Episcopal Day School as a regular class member Monday-Friday
- made a great friend in Taylor, your afternoon playmate
- experienced your first Jackson/Ghent/Jacobs/Bailey Christmas
- sang Happy Birthday to Jesus
- saw your very first snow in RH
- had your first bowl of snow cream (of course, compliments of Aunt Terri and Uncle Timmy)
- shared a toast at the first moment of 1-1-11 (well, you were sleeping, but we still toasted to you)

Then, since Jan 10 (celebrated 6 months old), you've celebrated many family birthdays, had your 4th round of antibiotics thanks to ear/upper respiratory infections, had only one meal in your high chair, started a new Kindermusik class, and the biggest news of all - you've started sitting up on your own! You are still a little wobbly, but we attribute that to the good food mommy feeds you, and the storehouse in your belly.   You continue to be a wonderful sleeper for mommy and daddy, going to bed at 7 each night and not waking until 7 the next morning! You smile a lot, eat a lot (then spit up a lot), and you're interested in anything that you can grab. You especially love playing with mommy's face while you eat. Although it can be a little distracting, it certainly is a sweet sweet moment. You also LOVE bathtime in your duck tub, and once a week we have ducky night (you bathe in the duck tub, play with the rubber ducky, use the duck washcloth, dry off with the ducky towel, and wear your ducky pjs....I think ducks will be your favorite animal!)
You've gained some weight, and grown a few inches.  On your sixth month-day, you weighed 16 lbs 11 oz and were 25.5 inches long. You're still a little small for your age, but you certainly wouldn't know it by the looks of you! Let's just say you LOVE your food!
So many accomplishments - I can't wait to see what the next month holds!
Here are a few photos from the past months:

You and Taylor, your afternoon BFF

Your first bowl of snow cream at the Whites

Your first snow storm!

Your first experience with "real food" - obviously, not a hit

You love to play sitting up, and while drooling!

Our 2010 Family Christmas photo