Sunday, February 6, 2011

Still six months...

So, with just less than a week left in your sixth month of life, I had a few free moments (FINALLY!) to sit and blog about you, our precious Miriam. What a month(s) it has been!! Many firsts, and lots of smiles later, we're making our way to month 7!  All since December 10 (celebrated 5 months old) you...
- started attending Episcopal Day School as a regular class member Monday-Friday
- made a great friend in Taylor, your afternoon playmate
- experienced your first Jackson/Ghent/Jacobs/Bailey Christmas
- sang Happy Birthday to Jesus
- saw your very first snow in RH
- had your first bowl of snow cream (of course, compliments of Aunt Terri and Uncle Timmy)
- shared a toast at the first moment of 1-1-11 (well, you were sleeping, but we still toasted to you)

Then, since Jan 10 (celebrated 6 months old), you've celebrated many family birthdays, had your 4th round of antibiotics thanks to ear/upper respiratory infections, had only one meal in your high chair, started a new Kindermusik class, and the biggest news of all - you've started sitting up on your own! You are still a little wobbly, but we attribute that to the good food mommy feeds you, and the storehouse in your belly.   You continue to be a wonderful sleeper for mommy and daddy, going to bed at 7 each night and not waking until 7 the next morning! You smile a lot, eat a lot (then spit up a lot), and you're interested in anything that you can grab. You especially love playing with mommy's face while you eat. Although it can be a little distracting, it certainly is a sweet sweet moment. You also LOVE bathtime in your duck tub, and once a week we have ducky night (you bathe in the duck tub, play with the rubber ducky, use the duck washcloth, dry off with the ducky towel, and wear your ducky pjs....I think ducks will be your favorite animal!)
You've gained some weight, and grown a few inches.  On your sixth month-day, you weighed 16 lbs 11 oz and were 25.5 inches long. You're still a little small for your age, but you certainly wouldn't know it by the looks of you! Let's just say you LOVE your food!
So many accomplishments - I can't wait to see what the next month holds!
Here are a few photos from the past months:

You and Taylor, your afternoon BFF

Your first bowl of snow cream at the Whites

Your first snow storm!

Your first experience with "real food" - obviously, not a hit

You love to play sitting up, and while drooling!

Our 2010 Family Christmas photo


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