Thursday, February 24, 2011

my apologies

When J and I bought our house, we went through our local credit union who has held my banking membership since I was a preschooler and knew what a penny, nickle and dime were.  We ended up being the first couple to go through the process of their "new loan".  Funny enough, they asked us to be the poster family for their mortgage department and all of the advertisments for that department for a whole year had us on the cover. We even got a billboard (apparently, but I never saw it).  Thankfully, I have a branch right down the road from me, so whenever I have to go to the bank, it's just a hop, skip and jump away. And, everybody knows me and my life story in there. That's what I love about a local credit union - it's more than just a bank.
The past week, I've had to go twice to deposit a total of 5 checks (2 the first time, 3 the next).  I have made a fool of myself both times. The first time, I told the teller I wanted to deposit the $$ into my checking account, but I gave her the wrong account number. I repeatedly told her which account and she was so confused...probably because the account number I wrote WAS the checking account, even though I insisted it was different. I apologized that morning for me not being with it.
Then I stepped in yesterday to make what I thought was a BIG deposit, and walked away with something VERY SMALL. So I accused the teller (the same one from the other mishap) of not doing it right. I thought my check was $500+ but instead it was only $94. Geeze! Where has my mind been lately?! I think I've completely lost all since of sense!
To the sweet head teller at my local credit union, my sincere apologies for being totally brain dead and inadequate of doing my banking duties this week.


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