Thursday, October 29, 2015


In an interview in his mid-40s after one of the biggest, life altering careers, Mike Tyson once said "I just want to be humble at all times." I wonder if he really meant it-(or if he knew what it means)?!

I know I don't. I don't even really know what I'm asking for when I pray for humility, even though the desires of my heart should be as such. I'm the everydays life's busyness, of course that is or at least should be my prayer. But when I'm face to face with my humility, I realize that I've got a LONG way to go before I'm "humble at all times."

Just last week I was smacked in the face with humility. And thankful for the Christian mentor who brought along the smacking, but wowza!!! 
M has been complaining for about a month now of nausea. Like all day, long lasting sickies. And since the big has been going around I've been on guard with my tea tree oil and Clorox wipes....but she isn't getting physically sick. She just complains. "But momma always said, throw up and go to school, or don't throw up and you go on your way!" :)

It finally came to a climax the other night last week when it all made sense and in the wee hours of the night, I ended up having to call our super awesome amazing fantastic Doctor (!!!!) and I freaked out a little. Like-"ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Let's rush to the ER MY DAUGHTER IS WEIRD AND SO SICK!!!!!" And before I could even express much more than her current condition, the doc simply said this:

"Now, you need to know that when you are in Honduras, this won't even be close to some of the things you'll see and experience. And you won't have me to call. And this is the norm for the folks who live there." SILENCE. Face palm. Humility in its most beautiful form.
(The oh so wonderful doc then led us to great instructions, saw us the next day, treated the whole family for an intestinal parasite (ewe gross!) and I proceeded to wash 12 loads of laundry in the next 36 hours with hot water and dry on high heat!) seriously.

So as we continue to pray for God's guidance and leading in our life and preparation in the years to come to serve perhaps somewhere in Honduras, I was so humbled by my sweet doctor's words, as he remembered our family's desires to serve in a third world country. He was very quick to put into PERSPECTIVE the small things that only seemed big at the time. And I was reminded that in our serving in another land with less development (medical, social, everything...) we WILL see much worse. No doubt. But even more than that, now, our friends are suffering with far greater ailments and have no medical wisdoms to turn to like I had so readily available. 

I have to be honest with myself in saying that one experience and the following 36 hours I spent with my daughters (and no husband) were so, so, so (disgusting!) trying and exhausting in so many different ways. 
But every time I thought about my 
tiredness my dr's words came to mind and I was driven to praise the God who calls us into ministry....because He is the same God who prepares us and equips us for the ministry. And for that, we must pray for humility at all times. 

Good and upright is the Lord; therefore he instructs sinners in the way. He leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble his way.”
Psalm 25:8-9 ESV

Two months

Time flies. I knew it would once school started. It always does. I remember as a kid it didn't. As an adult, however, time is at warp speed. Kindergarten has absolutely ROCKED our world upside and down and no one ever told me it would be such a drastic change-for everyone! We eat dinner at 5, and the girls are in bed by 6 most nights sound asleep. Gone are the days of fabulous naps and we welcome day after day of packing lunches trying to keep them different everyday!
Since September the Ghent girls have had quite some fun though!!!
I celebrated my 33rd birthday by going to a Lady Antebellum concert with a great couple in Greenville and seeing a good college friend who plays with Hunter Hayes (only on stage this time). We enjoyed a fabulous pre show dinner at The Playwright, a newer restaurant on the up and coming side of Falls Park in downtown. Such a fun night feeling like an out of place country music fan!! 
Also enjoyed a girls' night with some of my fave upstairs coworker gals. Great food, great fun and great friends for the start of a great year-and found a new draft beer to enjoy!!

On the not-so-fun stage of things, we FINALLY got Lydia tested for allergies and visited with one of the best pediatric asthma Drs in the area. Fabulously, of course, the testing that wasn't covered by our insurance was outrageously expensive. And it came to prove that she just has "average" allergies. Great. That was a miserable, expensive trial. 

BUT, we finally got an official diagnosis of asthma (which we've desired for quite some time, oddly enough) and so now we've got a brand new protocol and regimine for meds for sweet L, especially during the colder months. Inhalers and puffers at all times every day and at high intensity activities. Poor preemie baby with bad lungs. Hopefully we avoid the ER and hospital admittance for the first time this year. 

We've spent lots of time at the park on beautiful afternoons after school, we've stopped by the donut store on our day off and we've had a major project at the Ghent house:operation move the Ghent girls into one room to share with bunk beds!!!

The room before painting:
No more a nursery with avocado green paint....
Now jade frost (a greyish green color) which I LOVE!!!!! Furniture is all swapped around and the crib/toddler bed is getting the boot tonight. Custom made bunk beds are moving in tomorrow and the Ghent girls start sharing a room!!!

Meanwhile, we've been at birthday parties, picked pumpkins with grandparents, made breakfast for dinner and spent all the time outside we possibly can. J has taken the girls on daddy/daughter dates and their only request: cherry park. I LOVE their love of the simple things:)