Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow

I absolutely love summer with all that is within me.  I used to love it because it was warm.  I didn't really ever get "vacation" or a break until I had kids, so to love it to be lazy wasn't my reasoning either. I just liked the heat and the slower paced life we all could lead.  As the girls get older and we're into "school" I somehow dread the start of school.  I'm THAT parent that actually desires to NOT go back to school.  Who would have thought?! It's not really because I dislike school that much.  It's really more because I'm just a sentamentalist and I don't want my fun times to end with my two fun little Ghent girls.
But this, my friends, is why I love summer now.  I've watched this video about 10 times tonight after throwing it together this afternoon.  Most folks are taking first day of school photos, and all I care about right now is end of the summer photo montage.

The girls and I had an incredible blast this summer!!! We made a bucket list of about 25 things to accomplish between May 22 and Sept 3.  We did a fantastic job, with only leaving about 3 or 4 items left undone, which hopefully we can still do, or we'll just move to the top of 2015's list. I tried to capture most of our accomplishments by photo and all of our adventures too. Anything from riding a horse and a tricycle, to potty training, to road trips, to hiking, you name it! I have two of the coolest girlfriends right by my side.  We made such fun great memories this summer and I honestly can look back and don't remember those "ugh, I'm so annoyed with my kids" moments.  They were just fun. And we had fun.

Five years ago, I only dreamed that one day, somewhere over the rainbow, I'd be blessed to be a mom and experience this kind of fun.  And now my two little happy bluebirds fly.  And it makes me totally happy.  I will forever treasure this summer in my heart.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's almost February so....

I've found a new outlet. Go figure.
In November, I was becoming a little burdened by cupcakes. I was spending an outrageous amount of time in the kitchen and reaping no rewards. My oven was starting to act funky, and everything I had learned how to do perfectly was being disturb by the constant needs of my girls.  The last straw came the week of Thanksgiving when I had an order for the day before Thanksgiving, and then I had to turn around and do another for the Saturday afterwards. Not to mention the need of cooking my family's Thanksgiving meal. I was exhausted!! Too many hours of standing, mixing, baking, cooling and icing. So, as of Dec 1, I put GG Cakes on the back burner. And I haven't turned on my mixer since. Ahhhhhhh

But we have a problem. I HAVE to have an outlet. Call it Type A, call it the need to keep my hands busy, or call it creative overload...but I had to find something.
So, for Christmas a girl that I work with gifted me a fun bracelet that I had my eye on for a few weeks. But I didn't want just one, I wanted more. So I pondered, bought some wire, and opened up my jewelry making bag (that had been collecting dust since before Miriam was born!), and found some beads.  That night I made another bracelet and what followed was momentous! I sent the picture to a friend, who sent it to her sister, her sent it to her boss.  Within 24 hours, I was now slated to make 20 bangles to carry in her store. Then we decided to do some shotgun shells, and those have flown out the window like crazy.  Thus, SWEET SOUTHERN BANGLES was created. I've been sharing the creative, financial, and marketing responsibilities with a good friend of mine who's in the same life place as I am (born and raised in South Carolina, married with 2 young girls, stay at home/part time working moms and we love Jesus).  It's been a whirlwind of a few weeks, but we're having a blast making these. Here are just a few of our favorites.
We can do gold or silver for you!

The Hollywood

I love this stack! From top to bottom: The Dillon, The Pelion, The Gaffney, and The Olanta)

Our famous Shotgun Shell & Pearl - every southern girl needs one!

The Prosperity

The Hartsville

The Clover

If you'd like to order any of them, email us at!  You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see the newest creations and be the first to know of any specials.

What's your favorite? What would you like for us to make?