Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I found a letter from Miriam today...

Dear Mommy,
Do you know how much I’ve loved spending time with you this summer? You’ve taken me to the park, played with me at home, snuggled with me in the wee hours of the night during my several double ear infections, and you’ve taken me to some pretty cool places with some neat people.  I'm so sad it isn't summer anymore.  But, I just gotta tell you, things have been a little different these last few weeks.
You seem to immediately know when I have a poopy diaper. You’ve even gotten so good that you can ask me all the way across the room if I have a dirty diaper! They seem to bother you pretty bad, so I just go ahead and surrender and head to the nursery so you can change it. I’ve noticed that you seem to get a little queasy when you change my diaper. I know that they stink, but really, I bet yours doesn’t smell any better either.
I’ve gotten really good at playing by myself lately.  I like to play with my toys in the corner, and while you’re laying on the couch, I bring you each of my toys and show them to you with great love.  Sometimes you sit up for a quick second, but then you’re laying back down again.  Haven’t you been going to bed early at night? And, daddy tells me you try to nap when I’m napping. Why are you so tired all of the sudden?
You FINALLY get that the food that you feed me really doesn’t look or taste all that good. I’ve noticed that it’s gotten so bad that you can’t even feed me anymore. Come to think of it, I don’t see you eat hardly anymore either.  You know, you need food to give you energy, which may be why you’re so tired.
You and daddy have been doing a lot of cleaning lately. You've gotten rid of some furniture in the room that has a bunch of stuff in it, and you keep talking about painting me a “new room.” I don’t really get it – I like the room I’m in now, and my bed is just perfect. Why are you talking about moving me? (but if you do, I want some purple on my walls).
I got a baby doll for my birthday, but you seem to like it more than me. You’re always saying “baby” around me, and telling me to be gentle with soft touches to the baby.
Even though things have changed a little bit, you seem to be really happy, even though you are tired and sick a lot of the time. I wonder if daddy has noticed anything.  I sure do love you mommy.


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Could it be???? :) :) :)

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