Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Other things I won't forget about 9/11

September 11 is my birthday. It's been my birthday ever since 1982. And although what happened on September 11, 2001 will forever change the way I celebrate my birthday, I was still born on that day and I have to muster up the "celebration" for the day, despite the sadness of the day.
 This year, we decided to take a quick family vacation (does 48 hours count as vacation?!) to Edisto Island. One of our sweet families at the church graciously offered us their beach house in May, but we had to come back for this reason. So they re-offered another chance, and we took them up on it. We traveled down late Friday evening and these will be my memories of the way we celebrated this year:
1. sleeping in until 7:45 a.m. on my birthday morning (certainly a FIRST since at least October, if not before then!)
2. watching Miriam discover seashells and learn their "flavor"
3. getting 2 hours of "me" time on the beach, sitting in a chair, and dozing without a single book, phone, or ipod to listen to
4. experiencing the Sea Cow eatery for dinner and a slice of the MOST AMAZING BANANA CREAM PIE ON THIS EARTH
5. opening my gift from J - a beautiful wrap maternity shirt and vintage necklace that he picked out for me, AND a stuffed monkey for our sweet Doodle Bug
6. our family walks on the beach
7. Jeremy totally taking every opportunity to pamper me and take care of Miriam so I could rest and relax
8. not ever having a camera when I really wanted one (I've been SOO SLACK with taking photos since M turned 1!)
9. listening to that sweet message from my mom and dad 4 years ago singing me happy birthday

It was a wonderful day/weekend of celebration for us, even in the midst of remembrance for not so exciting happenings on recent 9/11 s.  Although all of our days were filled with remembrance, I'm thankful for my friends and family who helped us also celebrate!


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