Monday, November 28, 2011

Three goals

I decided to take today and tomorrow off (still sending Miriam to preschool and the afternoon sitters) for a few reasons:
1. see if "bedrest" really does help with early contractions
2. get my head wrapped around the season with all that it entails (both professionally and personally)
3. start AND finish Miriam's 1st year scrapbook

So far, goal 1 was a failure. I spent the first 4 hours of the day on my feet running all around town doing this and that. I had tried over the weekend not to rack up these random errands, but I failed. BIG time.  And of course, as in all Monday mornings, I spent the first 45 minutes at the doctor for my shot, then paying a quick visit for an emergency check. They still have talk about bedrest sometime between 28=32 weeks (which happens to be right after Christmas!)....
So, by the time I got home and got the groceries unloaded (yes, unfortunately, grocery shopping was on the to-do list for today), it was 1:15 before I could actually get started on the scrapbook.  Thankfully, I pulled everything out yesterday afternoon, so I was just picking up where I left off and not starting from the very beginning.  But before I go on about goal 3....

Goal 2- accomplished, at least for today.  I just needed a break. A break from the routine of going into the office, having meetings, emailing all day, fighting with the internet connection at work, making phone calls to answering machines....etc. Not to mention, we just came off of a holiday with lots of activity going on, and we're snowballing into some of the busiest 4 weeks of the church life. I needed a brief separation, and I still have 2 weeks of vacation left to spend in 2011 - so I took advantage and today I separated myself.  I am only hoping that tomorrow will be even better.

And Goal 3....well, like I said, I started it yesterday. I like to do my scrapbooks all at once - it makes SUCH a mess!! So from start to finish, it will hopefully take less than 3 days.  I'm about halfway through putting pictures on the pages...then i'll go back and embellish a little and journal.  I got to one page layout today: "you are loved" many people visited with Miriam in her early days in life and continue to shower love on her.  I wanted to highlight the 3 that showed up in the scrapbook today - because I did more than just stick their picture on the page.  While I was accomplishing goal 2, I was able to spend some time praying for each of these sweet friends in their current season and thanking the Lord for their presence in my life for the lessons they taught teach me.

1. Kimberly (aka - Kimber, Aunt Kim, Kimbo, Jimberly....) - She's my bestest friend from college. We were potluck roommates our freshman year, split up after sophomore year, and gained more in our friendship from that separation than anything else. She's always been there for anything - the wedding as my maid of honor, all of mom's surgeries, and even her death.  She's so special to me.  Momma always said that in life we needed a "BT" (that was Belinda Thomas, her bestest friend from college) and Kimberly is definitely that, not just for me, but for my entire family. I must confess that she does more than I can ever imagine to do for anyone else. She'll drop everything in a moment's notice to be somewhere for somebody. Well...that is until now. She's got about a week old sweet baby boy on her hands now. Anderson Isaac is such a gift to the Foster family and I hate I can't be with her to share in that joy.  But boy, did I ever pray for her, John, and Anderson today.  They've got a lot going on, she's in the midst of breastfeeding (and figuring out how it all works), and they're a little distant from family and a lot of their old friends. Praying that we get to visit with them sooner than later, but unfortunately, it's more difficult to travel with a young infant for her, and I'm pretty much not encouraged to do much traveling, so a visit to Mississippi is definitely out of the questions.  Until then, I pray for her rest, recovery, and time spent with her new addition and that people would surround her the way she loves and surrounds others during similar times in life.

2. Elizabeth (aka "BB") - Elizabeth and I met the week Jeremy and I started dating.  He and I had our first real "date" at Durango Bagel (no longer in existence :() one Wednesday morning after we met. It started at 9 a.m. and didn't end until about 1 p.m.....but during that time, the owner of DB approached me and asked what I was doing.  Seeing as it was Nov after my graduation from college, I was needing some type of employment so I took a job.  Showed up the next morning at 6 a.m. and met my trainer - Elizabeth.  She saw me through every season of my dating with J (the good, bad, ugly, and joy), we exercised together (I even got her addicted to running!), and we shared a mutual like for Sister Hazel (okay, she was a bit more committed fan than I was...).  And then, it just so happens that Miriam's early arrival fell on her birthday - hence her new name "BB" that stands for "birthday buddy."  She loves to stop by and visit and one day claims she'll take little BB to the movies, the park, etc. She teaches first grade and loves her job.  In March, she submitted all of this work to be National Board certified.  It was A LOT of work for her to do - I remember videos, portfolios, and then the big test.  I was looking forward to November 18 as much as she was to hear the results, but knowing that she'd be accepted and start making $7500 more a year.  Unfortunately, anticipation had it's time, and the scores came 2 days late....and she didn't get it.  We don't talk about it much, but I know she was heartbroken.  Who wouldn't be after all that work?! She's a super great friend, and is in the dating scene (unlike a lot of her other friends who are married and having children (or having their second....)).  I have confidence that the Lord has handpicked her husband and new family and can't wait to see that to its fruition.  Until then, I pray for her encouragement in all of her facets of life now.

3. Terri (aka, Aunt Terri, neighbor Terri, Timmy's wife) - Terri and I met the weekend after J and I moved in to our new house.  They were neighbors on the other side of our neighbors and knew one another. When we moved in, we decided to host a neighborhood gathering to meet our new friends. That cookout was a blast, and since then, we've become to enjoy one another's company over progressive dinners, shopping trips, brusters excursions, BUNCO nights (although I carry a bit of jealousy because they're always winning....) to name a few. Even J and Terri's husband, Tyler, hit it off and became buds, and excuses for needing to play golf.  After Miriam was born, Terri was one of the only friends to visit us in the hospital and to hold Miriam there (since she was a NICU baby, they were a bit particular).  She had stopped by on her lunch break, hence the beautiful scrubs, and bonded with Miriam on her 3rd day of life.  Terri and Tyler have been patiently and anxiously anticipating the growth of their family and have been through the season of infertility that many of us have experienced (with no good days)...but something they have experienced that many people haven't is loss - not just once, but twice, in just a span of 7 months or so.  The good day of seeing that BFP and the joy that comes with the planning for what's to come....and then the sad day of seeing the physical toll of loosing that joy - something I've never known outside the loss of my mother which I can't even begin to think that it would compare.  Even though our communication took a loss through distance and time in recent weeks, Terri has taught me what it means to be strong, turning the other cheek, looking out for the will of God, and keeping faith in the unseen even in the midst of the sorrow of the seen.  Today as I pasted her picture holding sweet Miriam, I silently wept, knowing the desire she possesses to become a mother holding her own baby in her arms.  I pray for her and Tyler diligently as they continue to seek God through all that happens, and for there to be some answers to help them move forward.  I especially thought of their hearts in these upcoming weeks - December 14 was the original due date of their first baby.  Although this season will be a busy one for us all, and they do so much traveling for family, I know there will be time to spend with them, even if it is a quick visit.  Until then, I pray for strength and daily encouragement through the happy and sad moments they experience.  Read her journey and insights at her blog (link posted on her name).

Now, I knew all of these things about these special people before today, no doubt.  But I'm glad I had the chance today (and a quiet one at that!) to reflect on it.  I hate that it takes me stepping away from my job and ministry to focus and pray for these girls in such specific and special ways.  It was such a special and sweet time as I sat at my dining room table cutting and pasting.  Kimberly, Elizabeth, and Terri: thank you for teaching me and helping me practice the gift of grace.  I am grateful for you!


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