Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's all done!

Well, after 2 cheapo owl wall art canvases, I decided to try my hand at one last project today: the name board.  We used individual letters in the nursery for Miriam all this time, but I honestly didn't want to move all of those screws,, we'll keep the "i" and the "a" for Lydia, I'll buy the missing letters, and we'll do the same in the nursery for Lydia.  But for Miriam, I went along with the owl theme and got some inspiration after searching and searching for what I wanted....3 hours later (this was the longest project of all 3), this is what we have:

The pink was a little too dark for my liking, so I tried to make it fun with the polka dots...and they are a little big for my liking, but eh, it will work. All in all, I'm pretty proud of myself of this and the other two projects.  Especially for saving the $$ that I did - only spent $15 when they would have costed about $150 in the stores and off etsy.  So, I was able to splurge on the rug ($22 from Target) and the can of paint ($18 from Home Depot).  I think I may just go for a plain lamp though, so that will save some $$ too.  So all together so far, we've only bought the furniture (which, might I add, we saved almost $300 with 5 20% off coupons), the canvases, and the rug. This new room may not put us in the red after all!  Mom would be extra special proud of me (except for the fact that I bought the rug NOT on sale) :)


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