Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I love surprises! And after a week and a half of hard core working my booty off (and taking care of my 16 month old....and trying to keep our family sane when I'm acting as a single mom...and growing another little one in my belly....) a surprise was definitely what the doctor ordered today.
I've been a little on the sad side lately, just staying busy with work and not spending a lot of time with Miriam and having to call on so many different people to take care of her (which we're totally blessed beyond measure with the folks who step in to love on her on a DAILY basis!) - but momma would have LOVED to spend all of that time with her granddaughter, I just know it.  She would have been a "crazy nana" as she termed it in her final note to me before she died, but still, crazy is better than none at all.

And I'm so thankful for the women in my life who not only love on me, but love on Miriam.  My MIL is definitely a God-send (God wasn't just preparing J to be my husband all those years, he was preparing her to be a fantastic MIL too!), my aunt, ladies from the church, other family members, etc. They are great, wonderful, guiding, and helpful ladies.

Well, my surprise today came from another great lady.  I don't even know her, never met her, and just recently discovered her blog through one of the link-ups I did last week.  I had commented on her blog about this awesomely beautiful advent calendar and how I could only wish one day I'd be able to do something that crafty (but we all have learned my abilities with the sewing machine are limited....okay, none!)  Well, then, she finds my blog, reads a post, comments on it, then asks for my address to send me a cute baby gift.  I was thinking, "awe, she crocheted me something for baby Lydia...." :)

UM - NO!!!  On my doorstep when I got home tonight (12+ hours after I left the house this morning, mind you) I had a package....from MINNESOTA...from the lady....and inside - THE AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL ADVENT CALENDAR!!! Get out of town!! And a sweet personal note that was so touching.  Yet, another lady reaching out to the young momma without a momma of her own.
Here it is (the picture credit goes to battery was dead):
Thanks, Vickie, for making my day (and my week, and quite possibly my year)!  I can't WAIT for December 1 to come so we can start using it!


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