Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So, the pinterest deal that got me inspired to make this led me to a few other being whisper wood cottage. When I played around with the burlap, I just knew the craft opportunities were endless - but I didn't know they'd be sooo endless.  They're doing a Month of burlap projects where folks are linking up to show off their creativity. Well, I felt silly with my frame, but I posted it anyway and linked up myself.

And found some other really cool ideas/projects (probably none of which I'll actually be able to accomplish just because I'm not that crafty....these are some of my favorite.

1. owl ornaments (since my new favorite fascination is cute owls):   

2. monogram framed letters (thinking I may do this in Lydia's room...have a large middle "G" with a smaller "L" on the left, then an "E" on the right...or a "G" on the right...we still haven't decided on the middle name): 

3. and my ABSOLUTE favorite - the advent calendar. since I don't own a sewing machine that actually works (I have mom's old relic), I'll never be able to do this...but I still love it: 

Since the burlap was so cheap - I bought a good bit of it when doing the frame (and I have an entire roll of freezer paper to use if I print on it), and lots of spare ribbon around. I wonder if I can think of some other things to do with my burlap?! Do you have any ideas??   Let me know and link up too!


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