Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I've been hiding behind a blog outlet since about August of 2007.  I need my old outlet back. In high school, my outlet was Chopin's Dflat prelude on the piano.  I carried it to college, then discovered some absolute masterpieces on the violin that revealed every ounce of joy and happiness, or disappointment and bitterness. Bach's E major preludio and Bruch's g minor concerto to name a few.  When I needed to leave the real world for a brief time, I engrossed myself in ink already on a page, I didn't write with new ink. Since Easter, I've noticed that I NEED that outlet more than anything these days.

Sadly, my playing lately has been kept to a minimum. Normally, but the end of the year, I've played in more weddings and special services than I can count on my fingers and toes. Unfortunately, this year, it's only been like 8 or so.  (which means our extra $$$$ has been kept to a minimum too :()

We've just been heavy loaded with a lot of life lately - with two incredibly demanding 50-60+ hour jobs, the inability to visit with family and friends, the stress of coming up with the funds to pay a babysitter all week and night sometimes, the thoughts of what tomorrow may hold, etc.  I need an outlet.  And I don't have my most comfortable outlet.  It's not as accessible this time. The only "free" time I have is after Miriam goes to bed and I can't quite bang out that Chopin piece, much less start squeaking away on my violin.

I've been praying that all of that would change.  I was a concert violinist 8 years ago.  Now, I just can play the violin.  It is such a gift and talent and I'm not using it to the best of my ability.  The Lord has been guiding me to different folks and organizations that may change all that soon.  Opportunities are starting to show themselves.  Although they aren't things that I can share in detail at this point, there is hope that I just may have the chance to get that outlet back.  Until then, I gotta get to practicing, sometime?!. My goal - Carnegie Hall :)


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