Monday, November 21, 2011

Canvas reveal

All things owl - I love it.

So, J says I stole the idea...I say I used it as great inspiration.
$30 canvas mass produced or $2.50 canvas painted by moi - what's your pick?

It may not be perfect, and the lines aren't even straight, but to me, it's adorable enough and it has personal touch to it.  It works for me! The expensive one was a 21"x21" canvas, mine is a a 16x20. I only had to buy the canvas, because I had all of the paints and brushes on hand. I even took a quick refresher course on how to mix colors to make new colors :) So glad I had the inspiration, saved some $$ and got crafty.

Here's another little owl that I made last week as a trial run to see if I'd like making more of them and if I should use the burlap or not. I used the tutorial from Flea Market Trixie.  Of course, Miriam loved it, but then tore it up. Ha.

And here's a horrible photo of her owl bow holder that I made the other night. For .67 cents, it works too. :)

What should I do with the other canvas (the package was $4.75 for two)? Should I do another identical painting, or something different?

And here's a link up button to SkipToMyLou's "made by you monday" post - hoping to win the big prize!


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