Monday, May 4, 2015

The Detention Center

The weather has dried up a bit for us and the rain has calmed some, so a few of us decided to hike up the mountain early this morning. It's literally right outside of the back door of our lodging and the trail goes to the peak of one of the mountains. Once at the top, you can view the ridge line and two different sides of the city. It was a fabulous time of fellowship, praising God for the beauty of His creation, even amidst the dense fog that covered the ground, and how we can encourage one another to grow in our faith. 

Today's ministry experience was unlike any other opportunity that I've had before. We visited the girls detention center which is basically a jail for teenage girls (girls 13-18 yrs old) who have committed anything from murder, rape, extortion, prostitution, attempt to kill, unbelievable things from young girls. We had a chance to share the Gospel, pray with them, eat lunch and fellowship with them. Each of our team members was able to partner up with at least one of the girls to pass the day and do a puzzle, braid hair, and for some of us, we had the chance to get their story. 
For me, I met "C." She was 17 years old and 2 months pregnant. She just arrived to the center on Friday and was sentenced to 4 years. She was fairly open with me and was told me that her mom died of cancer 4 years ago. So immediately we had a bond. We sat for a while and then She unveiled more of her story. She was extremely remorseful-to tears-but at the same time, told me that she wanted to go ahead and plan her escape. She didn't want to raise her child in the jail. And she broke. And she allowed me a moment to pray with her. These girls are so strong they don't have emotions. But Cáterine was weak today. Please continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to work in her life, to cause her to act with good behavior while at the center and to keep her baby in safety in the months ahead. 

Please also pray for another girl "N" who has a pretty wild story but had wonderful English and Erin had the whole afternoon to hear her story and share some important encouraging moments with her. Pray for this special girl as she desires to be with her family and be in a better situation but has many days ahead of her filled with trials. 
So many other girls in the place who could be kept in your prayers this day and in the days to come. They find such joy in knowing they are loved and prayed for, so you joining in prayer can help accomplish that too. 


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