Friday, May 8, 2015

Wednesday catch up...

It's getting later and later in the days before I can get to write a reflection of the day, but your prayers have been faithful and I know you desire to hear how each day has been, so I must be persistent to keep you informed!

Today we are tired. We've been relationally exhausted through our activities each day and now our bodies are wearing thin. Today, we were off to a different feeding center, the first one, built back in April 2000, first thing in the morning. Waaaaay up the mountain. Hysterically, I flew out of my seat in the van on the way and landed in the floor because of some traffic. What a way to start the day! We passed this landmark on the way to the center, it's up on a hillside a bunch of houses that were built on a fault line. 

The engineer knew the line was there, but allowed the building anyway because he believed nothing would take place for several more years. However, clearly that wasn't the case. For this reason, there are several lawsuits out for this case. Just fallen houses in the side of the mountain. 

We arrived at the center ready to go-with a beautiful view!
The idea was similar today as to yesterday's' center:Bible lesson, decorate bags, then butterflies. But instead of 14 children, we had 24!!! And we had a few less team members because several were working on the playground set. 
But the children immediately won our hearts (¡claro qué sí!). So I sat with them and began to teach with much more confidence than yesterday and wth lots of excitement with so many new sweet friends. We basically did the same type of thing that we did at the other center. I shared the account of creation, the creation of man/woman, and that led into the pictures of the caterpillars and butterflies that you see. I used those to relate how we, too, can become new creations when we believe in Jesus. 

One of my biggest prayer requests was that I would be able to do this in Spanish. And the Lord has been so gracious in His equipping and provision and your prayers of faithfulness, and both days have gone extremely well. And while not all that I had prepared was shared and not every word and phrase was perfect, it was such an experience to be able to share the simple Gospel truth of the HOPE of Jesus to these children ALL IN SPANISH! I would have never imagined that 15 years ago when I went to college to major in Spanish that I would be doing this. There was such joy on their faces and we sang "Jesus loves me" together before we did our activities. Such a fabulous morning with them!!

We said good bye to the children, headed down the mountain, ate lunch and went back to the detention center to visit the girls again. I'll finish the day with another post later...for now, we must get ready for a brand new day! Thank you for your prayers!


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