Sunday, May 3, 2015

El hospital-Saturday May 2

(I feel asleep while writing last night so it's a day late post....oops!!!)
This morning we spent time around the breakfast table and were able to discuss with one another more about what it means to be in "missions" and "ministry" together. What exactly does that look like for you and me and why in the world are the 8 of us here in THIS city when we could be in our comfy homes with just one step out side to a local food bank to help someone in need?! Instead, we were prayed for and financially supported, paid money of our own, and given support from so many others to come here to these people of this town in a different part of the world to help. Talking to his disciples, Jesus tells us in Matthew that "For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me."(Matthew 25:35-36 ESV)
So, we were encouraged early this morning simply in our mission. By doing whatever we were going to do in love-whether visiting, clothing, or feeding-our ministry would be in the name of Jesus. 

So we set out, headed for one of the 9 hospitals in the city. This one boasts about 15,000 babies born each year, roughly 60 per day. We pulled in to the parking at this building and climbed four floors and prepared ourselves (I in particular was certain I may be fairly emotional seeing as I'm the "young mother" of the group and knew there would be young moms and sadly potentially moms in a new stage of grieving a child who was unable to make it through the birth.)
We had prepared bundles of gifts for the boy and girl babies filled with three newborn onesies and a cloth diaper or blanket. 

We were going to distribute these to each of the babies as gifts because most of these new young moms come into deliver their baby without any belongings. No diapers, wipes or clothes. So these items in themselves were an abundant gift to them. 

The hospital layout in itself was something so different that what I expected, thanks to American culture. there were about 7 large rooms on the floor that held 6 single beds that were fitted with a sheet and a cover sheet. One sink in the room. One bathroom at the end of each hallway. That's it. So when we walked in a room, we would find the new moms sitting or lying on their beds holding their babies or with them lying beside them wrapped in the bed sheet. We offered our gifts and words and blessings from God and others offered smiles in return. In some rooms there was an odd sense of sadness that overcame when we were trying to figure out how many boys and girls were in the room. There were three girls that had to respond by saying "se fue" or "se murió" which meant the baby didn't make it. For one mom, it was her 7 month gestational twins. MY HEART ACHED as I was able to pray over these women who had so much ache in their eyes and the pain was running so deep into their heart. Our deepest prayer is that they would see hope and would be able to still find joy in this time of such sadness. 
Pray for Lauren and the two other ladies who have left the hospital already who had their babies, but they did not live so they aren't talking home a child with them. Pray that they would seek out the church and they would find strength and hope in God. 
Pray for all 68-72 of those newborn babies that we got to dress and wrap into little burrito babies :). Pray that their homes would be filled with love and that their mothers would be confident in knowing God will provide all that they need. 
Pray also for the one young mother who will probably be escorted back to the detention center with her 2 day old baby today. We saw the police come to check on one of the patients and that's probably what will take place. 
The Presence of God was definitely in that place with us today. And the blessings and peace of Christ were shared. There were smiles shared between those ladies and the women on our team and now we know how we ought to pray. 

After we left the hospital, we were able to spend the afternoon in a community called "Valle de Ángeles" (valley of the Angels). There were small shops, cafes, townspeople, etc. it was a more "rural" experience for us and a chance to see more of the culture. The sweet children walked the streets selling dulces (homemade candies) and the men who hand crafted wooden boxes were probably my favorite. 

we tried to get a quick shot with the landscape in the back-I can't get over how beautifully designed God made this place!! 

Thank you for joining in this ministry by praying with us. 


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