Friday, May 1, 2015

Estamos aquí

¡Hemos llegados a Honduras! After most of us waking up by 3 am this morning US time, we drove on bus to the airport, got on one plane, waited to board another, flew on another plane and anticipated our arrival into customs. Though uneventful our travel was smooth and we felt the Lord's presence and gracious provisions through your many prayers for us all. As we asked through customs at the Honduras gate, all went well for the most part, and I was only questioned a bit more than my traveling partners and stopped to have my baggage checked. All in all, it didn't slow us down, and we made it to meet Alvin (our partner missionary for the week) and we all piled in a van and experienced the ride of a lifetime on the streets of Teguc to make our way to our quarters for the week. We captured a bit of the city and its history and beauty and saw this beautiful view upon our arrival. 

Since we've eaten lunch, we've had much of a time of rest since our day has been so long and filled with travel. And the Lord, being gracious, has sent the spring rains to water the earth. There is a tin roof on top of the home where we are gathering and we have been able to rest in quiet, in fellowship with our team and new Honduran friends and having a bit of orientation for what the week holds and a bit of expectation. 

This has only sparked our excitement even more to see how the Lord will work in the lives of those we meet and in our own hearts to be molded with compassion, kindness and gentleness. 

Pray for our team that tonight would be restful for each one, and that our ministry time in the morning would be fruitful in the opportunities we have to meet the new young mothers at the hospital. 



Jeremy Ghent said...

I guess I'll keep up with you on here. Keep me posted when you can. J

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