Monday, May 4, 2015

The Sabbath

"This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

Today, being the Lord's day, we set out for worship together. I was thrilled to join the congregation, to be a part of a service in Spanish again and worship with the people of Alvin's church. 
Here is the church, up a steep hill. Hard to tell, but with a gorgeous overlook of the city once at the top. Once inside, we enjoyed about an hour worth of praise music and dancing by sweet young ladies. 

Then our team was able to introduce ourselves before Philip had the opportunity to preach. 

From Romans 8, he was able to share that we are all born into spiritual death. But thanks be to God for the sweet news that only in Christ, do we have HOPE to live. From his preaching in English that was translated to Spanish by Brother Alvin, many were encouraged by the Word and by the fellowship we shared this morning. 

After worship and breaking bread together around the table with some of the Canadians friends we have met who are also church planters retuning back to their "new home" about two hours away today, we headed toward one of the national parks that houses one of the grandest statues I've ever seen....of Jesus! Though odd and awkward in its construction, the view it offered was quite unbelievable. Built by the Catholic Church and the government back in 1998, it is something that many come to visit. The trek to it was quite interesting. 

Once we were there, my heart was overwhelmed, because overlooking Jesus' turned out palms was the large city of Teguc. in all of its poverty, crime, and hopeless. I couldn't help but pray for these people and for the country that we've come to love in just three short days. So moved by the display of God's creation in this place, there are just no more words left to describe it. The pictures alone don't do it justice. 

Tomorrow we will visit one feeding center and the detention center. Pray for the children we will meet at the center and for the women who we will interact with in the afternoon. Thank you for continuing to pray for our safety and team unity. We are incredibly grateful to serve together!


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