Friday, May 8, 2015

Our last day of ministry

We got word that we would have another day at the hospital to see more babies. So the team decided with some funds that had been set aside to purchase diapers, wipes, and materials for blankets. We still had some onesies left over and the plan was to visit and deliver 6 diapers, 10 wipes and a blanket to each child. If there was a baby without clothing, we would offer. What this meant is that we were going to stop by the store for diapers and then the fabric store for flannel for the blankets. 

( Eeeeeeeeeek. The fabric store!!!!!! While a very different experience and crazy tiny, I'm thankful I didn't find anything I couldn't live without.) we cut about 60 yards of fabric which ended up costing about $65 and that made enough blankets for 60 new babies. Remember, since we saw the last set of babies on Saturday, about 250 babies have been born in this one hospital alone. And this day, practically none of them had anything. But this time around, I didn't enter into the rooms with sadness. Some other team members ended up praying with one or two other women who had still horns, but this time around I was more fluently able to offer congratulations, blessings, and offer assistance to change the babies. The mothers are definitely willing to let you do so and are grateful for the help and love that is poured out on them. Once they are released, they grab their baby and whatever they may own and they get up and walk out of the hospital. No one rides them out in a wheel chair, they don't have pain meds, and they don't even have instructions to see a pediatrician in 2-3 days. Some mothers don't even have shoes to leave. Some don't even have water so one of the Danish girls on our team gave away her water. 
We have already begun thinking of a way to pack our bag for a return trip for a better way to serve and give to the women. Some small bag, a newborn onesie, a small bag of wipes and diapers, some flip flops and a New Testament. 

Pray for all of the 52 or so women we saw today and for the next few days, for their healing and for their patience as they enter into this new world with such babies. 


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