Thursday, May 12, 2016


I hate I wasn't able to post any sooner. It had been quite a day so we were all in bed before 9 pm!
We were able to go back to the jail again in the morning to visit with the girls. They weren't exactly full open arms when we walked in and it seemed a little more difficult to warm up to them. However, I was able to see their living quarters for the first time. Basically three girls share a cell with bunk beds. They put their stuff on the top bunk and sleep in the bottom. Most night, then three girls sleep together on the same mattress simply out of fear and need the comfort of a snuggle. These cells are locked from 12-2 pm, 4pm-8am. So they are only out from 8-12 and 2-4. Their toilets have been cemented in because the girls would continuously break them. Their showers are outside.  They have their own clothes brought in from their family. In some aspects their living situation doesn't seem "too bad" but if I wer to tell you that between the 28 girls living they're, 4 of the 7 known gangs are represented. And they don't typically all get along. The other girls have committed a murder of some kind. Some have been there for several years, others just a month. One girl was expecting the court to come and pick her up at 10, but never arrived. They would have determined her sentence or would have let her free. This was the girl I had an opportunity to pray for (I acted as translator) along with Anna, another one of the Canadian missionaries. 

I wasn't feeling well after our time the and knew I needed some sugar and food. So we got home and arena wonderful lunch. Then headed straight to the porch sew 30 more blankets for our hospital trip. As we began, I knew I had about 5 or 6 under my belt and was talking with the girl beside me doing the same thing. All of the sudden I realized my left pointer finger was moving up and down with the machine and then I felt a sharp stingy and throbbing pain and looked down to see that the sewing machine needle had gone entirely through my nail and out the back side of my fingertip. So naturally, I FREAKED!! I instinctively pulled it away from the machine ?i was still attached by the thread and needle) and I snapped the tip of the needle off. 
You see the top of that missing needle? Yeah, that's what was in me!  Already not feeling too strong, having the pain and bit of blood.....THEN reading what finger it was. I was hysterical and was on the verge of passing out or getting real sick so I slumped into the chair and fell out onto the ground so if already be there when it did happen. Thankfully it didn't but my pressure was incredibly low and I didn't have color for most of the afternoon. 
All bandages up now!
And now looking back after several hours and a good rest, it does feel much better, though still in pain. 

For the evening we traveled back to the Centeal church for worship, prayer and Bible study. I had been prepped so I wasn't completely wacky, but I was to be the "preacher" for the evening. I knew I wanted to share from Ephesians 3:2021, so I took my thoughts and began to write them down through the week. Then translated them into Spanish and with the Spirit prompting words spoke for about 15 minutes on that. All in Spanish. (Thinking about that praxis test I took...Give me Jesus to talk about and I do fine. Give me "saving the whales" and I bomb it!) but anyway, it was so encouraging to be there, in that place, and to share encouragement with those believers. That indeed, God is going to do much more than we could ever ask or imagine! 
The skirts Shelby and I made (she had to finish mine) with fabric she found in the fabric store here in Honduras). 
Praying for the congregation at central church. 

We are looking forward to our last full day of ministry on Thirsday, which will include a visit to the hospital, some cultural engagement and feeding on the streets later tonight. 
I personally have spent a lot of time praying and thinking about this city and these people and something isn't sitting quite well. The question that seems to be repeated over and over again is "God, you called us here, and we want to be here, but what are we here for?" I have always given the answer "to bring HOPE" but there's something greater and deeper that I just can't put my finger on. J is of course in love as I knew he would be, but where are we going from here? That's what we will continue praying for most, and that through it, God would be glorified. 


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