Sunday, May 8, 2016


Our first full of mission was filled with all sorts of activities and experiences. Our first of the day was a visit to a house that's currently being constructed for a woman and her son. But the real first experience was the truck ride. Where we all pile in the back of the truck bed, stand up, and watch the city pass by at a ridiculously fast pace. Honduran driving is quite wild and I've learned it's all about expectation. You drive and expect everyone else to see you and know where you're going. So every time we step foot in the truck, I pray. 

Back to the house: It's location is essentially off the side of a cliff. So here we are, BACKING down this road that's at a 45 degree angle, for what I believe to be straight up and down. Somehow we made it, the truck didn't move, and we praise God for an amazing parking brake!

We did get an opportunity to rest some mid day, and it was needed. After lunch, the First stop was the church driving through town to get there and seeing all of the traffic-I have no clue how I'd ever learn to drive in the country since my depth perception is horrible!
At the church, we saw the bagillion barrels that were shipped in March filled with bags of dried soup. We grabbed a few and went on our way. 
The view from the church
Each barrel contains 100 3 lb bags of sopa. That much food could feed lots and lots and lots of folks. 
After that stop we had the opportunity to visit and participate in a dedication of a house that had just been finished. It was a sweet moment and opportunity to thank God for all of His provisions. We even got to pray for and lay hands on a little boy that had a bad skin rash all over his body. And somehow I ended up being the one to translate it into Spanish. Eek!!!! Praying in Spanish is something I'm still learning to do but it was a fabulous opportunity to practice. The house was very simple and all within its doors were filled with encouragement. 

They do not go without great hospitality either - a HUGE bowl of chicken and rice was prepared for all of the guests. 
Our next stop was the feeding center ONE but we had to get through town-a lot of traffic!!!
This feeding center is in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods. When I spoke about violence and the kids coming to school, this was the one place I was thinking about. Inside of the wires and gates there's a safety that just doesn't exist outside of the walls. It really is sad. 
We had intended on preparing the soup and feeding that whole community, but we were running behind in time and they had already prepared it and were beginning to serve as we got there. 

While we were at this place last year, there weren't many faces I recognized and the view of the city (at daytime and might) is absolutely stunning B b
. We gave them tortillas to eat, played with the kids, handed off tennis balls and little dolls and began searching out ways to bond with the golden and families. As you can see, I bonded well...

At 6:30 we began the church service, sang praises all in Spanish (always my favorite part), and Jeremy had the opportunity to "preach" (#donttellpresbytery). It can be a little nerve racking having to share what God puts in our heart in front of 60-70 folks, young and old, that don't speak your language but he was faithful to Gods word and shared great encouragement from the Lord found in Philippians 2, to be reminded that Christ is the one that binds us together, because what he has done for us, we are to be of the same love, same mind, and same intent, no matter where we are in the world. 
After the service we had fixed another pot of soup and brought it to the folks at the service. We shared it's goodness, a hot warm, rich meal. These people are from the community and possibly don't here or see the gospel preached. But on this night,they were given 2 bags of soup for their families (one bag of soup contains 20-30 servings). (They could possibly eat one bag over the course of a week or two for each meal, depending on the amount!)

So many aspects of the day all blended into one. It Shirley reveals how many different ways the HOPE of the gospe can reach just about anyone. 
We are looking forward to worship on Sunday and celebrating Mother's Day as it is a HUGE event here in Honduras b
Here's the top five....
- that the danger in the neighborhood around center one would weaken and more and more folks of that area would come to know the Lord
- the little 2 yr old boy, Jifete, who has a horrible skin rash making him I'll
- that the bug bites would be minimal (fire ants are everywhere!)
- our rest would encourage us to Benitez energized in the coming days
well adjustments to the food in our bodies


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