Saturday, May 14, 2016

Friday, the end of a good week

Last year God's calling was piercingly distinct. I remember climbing up the mountain several different days and meeting with Him as I never had before. I was anxious to get back up the mountain, but we had been told it was some dangerous to climb without the missionary as our guide, so we had to wait until this morning to subir. 
Naturally, we were up by 5 am along with the rest of the city so we began the ascent. At the top, I was reminded why this place was so wonderful. 

It's like from a magazine. So peaceful, fulfilling, and promising. 
No way can I doubt the Lord's presence, protection, and provision with us this week. Though, if I'm honest, I must admit the feeling of "hanging on" almost as if we were waiting for a big BANG to go off and God to speak loudly again and give us direct orders. But, as far as we can tell, that didn't happen. 
We both are in love with the people and the country, see the extreme need in that place and want to be there, especially with those we have become closest with over the last days. But we just aren't quite sure how. 
Now that the anticipation of our trip has come and gone, now we begin to pray for the other side of that coin just as hard: when do we go back and for how long?!

It's rather difficult to put it all into words now, and we know that trusting God with the plans he has for our family there is where our hearts want to be. 

Our team is headed back with wheels already up for a few. It's been a week of lots of everything and we look forward to sharing more personally how God intervened and put us in places to teach us great things and how to bring HOPE!
Honduras 2016


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