Monday, May 9, 2016


Naturally, on the Lord's day we worship-wherever we are. So, we went to Central Church of the mission organization today. It's the church that was started by Alvin about 16 years ago. It has a BEAUTIFULLY view of part of the city, but the driveway is quite wild to get to the building. 
Services start at 930, and the praise and worship lasts about 45 minutes and is NOT timid. They always have sweet girls at the front dancing interpretively to the music. Some of the songs were even familiar to us, but obviously by in our native language so it can be a little frustrating to sing along. 
 Being Mother's Day, it was quite a celebration. Special songs, special sermon, and special food. It was wonderful to be back with this congregation again and to be encouraged by Pastor Andy's sermon. 
After the device, some of the men grabbed a barrel of the soup food and rolled it down the hill. It's a good thing there was a man to catch it on the other side or it would have rolled fast and far!
As was our plan last year, we stopped at the Chinese restaurant and ate a montón de comida. It's sort of more culture shock seeing the Asians in that restaurant in Honduras than it is to actually be in Honduras. 
We had a moment to rest after lunch and entertained some guests of Alvin: Blast and Gloria blast is from Costa rice and his wife is a lawyer here in Honduras. We had an opportunity to learn about how long it would take and how much work it would be to become residents of Honduras (:)). Blast rides bikes in the Coyotes riding group (like a Harley club) and is also a big runner. So we had a lot to talk about!

Around 4 pm, about an hour after we were supposed to leave, we traveled to church at Feeding center One. On the way to the hillside (one of five sections of the city, this is the poorest) you pass by Potters Field-where the poorest of the poor are buried....or even dumped in a body bag. The cost for a funeral for the lower class costs about $300 and many folks don't want to pay that so they just dump them and hope they are eventually covered up by the land.  We snapped a photo of a family putting flowers on a grave, probably in memory of Mothers Day. 
After a super bumpy and rocky ride, we arrived at church about an hour late. This is where, last year, I met the woman who was addicted to pain pills. And of course, she was there, sitting in front of us, kneeled just as before. I did not have a chance to talk with her this time, because there was a lot going on in the church!
But on another note, the service was wildly about Mother's Day. 
As you can see the church was crazy decorated. 
The young girls did a dance in honor of the moms and Alan preached for us all. Throughout the entire service there were gifts and blessings and recognition for the mothers. I've never seen so much celebration!

After the sermon, Alvin invited Barbara and I to pray for the mothers and the ladies. We surrounded them and asked for the Lord's blessing to be on their lives. Such a neat and powerful moment for us all. 
We were gifted with dulce-cake-and celebrated and visited with some familiar faces and some sweet young children. 
Here is Andrea, Kayla and Fernanda (left to right). 
And here is Silva, the past teacher from Feeding Center two who we met last year. 

To finish off the evening, we returned home around 8 pm and had the best meal-the one I could eat every day....pupusas and plátanos. I was able to help fix some in the kitchen and learn the methods. A picture will settle and hopefully I can fix these when we get back home. 


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