Friday, May 6, 2016

So now we wait

It's 5:25 am and I'm sitting at the airport people watching. We've been up for three hours now and we are slowly starting to wake up. While we prayed for good rest last night, we got it. It was only four hours but it was a beautiful four hours. 
So many emotions and thoughts currently running through our heads: are the girls going to be alright? Will they miss us? What happens if something goes different than planned? Will we make it on time? Did I remember everything? Will I resume speaking in a matter of moments/hours or will it take a day or two?  Then, does it really matter? I laugh at that answer. 
The last two weeks have been somewhat of a whirlwind. Last week, I was preparing for probably the biggest, most important, and certainly most difficult test. Staying up late at night and waking up early for exercise and study before the routine of "life" began and it wore on me. By the end of the test, I was a pile of mush. But I continued on for an out of town wedding that ended up being a rain event. By the time of my return home late Saturday evening, I was a man down. No voice, fever, and horribly ill. It was awful. No rest for the weary. But providentially, my doctor was available on Sunday and quickly prescribed some meds to knock out the bulk of whatever it was. By Tuesday I had been restored to about 50% of good health....but what a long week it was. Working extra a few days, Doctor appointments, and one thousand trips to Walmart, target and Walgreens. (Ive seen enough to know price points and toiletry selections at all!). 
So, in a short story, it's been a full week, or two. And now, waiting for three hours at the airport is actually an answered prayer. 
We just needed a moment to sit. A moment to reflect. A moment to pray. A moment to laugh. A moment to calm thoughts. A moment to expect. 
We have been praying for this exact moment for 12 months now. Diligently and with full assurance that God would orchestrate THIS moment. And here we are. Now we wait. And we expect. 
And so far, I know what I expect, God will do far beyond what I'm imagining. For that, I can barely contain the excitement.

So what can you pray for after reading this now:
- safe and timely flight to our connection - mental rest on the plane
- J's swirling head of "what should I expect?" 
- our already softened hearts to be ready to accept what we experience
- completely open eyes to see God work in the small things-and the ability to recognize His providence through everything and be thankful

There ya have it. The top five for the morning. 


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