Friday, May 6, 2016

Rest for body, soul and mind

We've hit a wall. We have all been up since 2/230 am Friday morning and it's now 8:15 pm in Honduras (10:15 in SC). 20+ hours makes a body weary. 
Personally, my travel today has been rough. I felt ill most of the day, my blood pressure dropped right before our decent into Teguc and I thought I'd be having another Philadelphia moment (where they cleared airspace for us to land immediately because I had an episode...). It took about an hour to regain the strength, but we got off the plane, into Honduras, and with a bit of fresh air and familiar faces, I began to settle in. 
We've already experienced great hospitality from Alvin and Nelly and are ready to rest. 
We have been told a brief schedule of the week, which will begin as soon as we wake in the morning. Our first hands on ministry will be at one of the day centers. We will prepare some of the food that was recently shipped here (over 1,000,000 servings of food!!)
We are all excited and ready for the ministry opportunities for the week. Here are the top five for the night:
- sweet, solid, safe rest
- ease of a beginning migraine
- rest and recovery for Nelly
- quick adjustment to time changes and schedule
- our team of six to have many more opportunities to fellowship


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We're praying for y'all during the service this morning. All our love.

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