Friday, August 5, 2011

I paid a lot but still got it on sale...

Today I took Miriam shopping for shoes - these were going to be the first pair of shoes I had purchased for her EVER, thanks to my big Sis and her two wonderful daughters and their previously worn, naturally we headed for the Stride Rite store (since momma always told us those were really good shoes for babies learning to walk). I pulled up and saw something glorious:

It just happened to be a BOGO50% off day, AND it was the first day of tax-free weekend, so I grabbed my baby and headed in. We measured her (tiny) foot, and managed to walk in and out with 2 pair of shoes and 3 pair of big girl socks for $60!  Aren't they precious?! My friend's daughter, Taylor, has the same sneakers, but I just couldn't pass up the deal and they're so cute on!
Lilo H&L

I know, I know - 60 bucks for shoes for a 1 yr old?! Might I justify: like I said, these are the FIRST pairs of shoes we've bought for her in a whole 13 months! AND she needs them for her upcoming abilities to walk super fast especially when she returns to preschool in September.
And of course, the most important part of all, I GOT THEM ON SALE!


GingerScraps said...

There are some things that are worth spending good money on. Good quality shoes is one of them. Way to go, Mom!

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