Monday, August 8, 2011

How do you sell a car?

So, along with the thousands of changes in the Ghent home over the past few weeks, one of the biggest and best was Jeremy's gift of a work truck.  It's his to do all of his traveling to a from work, to job sites, to potential clients, and even here and there in town. So we've recently displaced the good ol' sentra to the parents' homes. It stayed at work for a few days, then at the Ghent home for a few days, and now it's at dads (along with my old honda from high school/college days). So we're going for it: we're going to attempt to sell both the honda and the sentra.
But how do you do that? Mom never taught me how to do that. She taught me how to use one of these:
and she taught me what to do with this:  and how to fill out one of these: Go to fullsize image...but she never taught me what to do when I needed to sell a car. All I know is that she said NEVER buy a BRAND NEW CAR off the lot - no matter how much haggling and price lowering. She said that wasn't worth my time or my wallet. So what about the selling part? Do I pretend that the Blue Book value is what I need to ask for? Do I sell it on craigslist? Do I put an ad in the paper (I know, so like 5 years ago...)? Do I give it to a company for a flat price so I don't have to deal with it?
What do you think is my best bet?


Emily Freeman said...

Eric and I both sold his Ford Explorer on Craigslist and bought his new truck from there as well. We love using Craigslist! We looked at the Kelly Blue Book price and rounded up a little. We also asked our mechanic what we should sell it for. Price it competitively and it'll move!

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