Sunday, August 21, 2011

Before and after...and no pictures to show for it!

We at the Ghent home have been quite the busy family this weekend. We've been on a mission to get rid of some of our junk/your treasures, put some extra $$$ back into our pockets and clean up a bit around our house. Spring cleaning hasn't really ever had it's fullest extent in our home, until this weekend!
Project #1: Move the living room furniture around to accommodate a HUGE entertainment furniture that my mom loved and bought a few years back (it costs more than our bedroom furniture!!). This entailed, moving the piano from the living area to the dining room, getting rid of the large recliner that mom bought for us our first married Christmas (another post on that piece of furniture to come), swapping the couch and love seat, purging all of the wobbly tables from the room, getting the furniture from dad's, and moving it in to the house THEN set up shop.  The project officially started at 9 a.m. yesterday morning, and was fully complete by 10 p.m. Of course, we did things here and there and in between.  It also involved the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner (the SHARK Navigator Lift-Away!), as well as a monsterous LCD tv. Now, in our house, we've never owned anything larger than a 19" anything. We haven't even purchased a TV in all of our years together, so we thought this change of scenery was a cause for celebration and we went all out - then of course had buyers remorse all day while we watched the huge screen! Now, we just have to "decorate" the shelves. I'll get a picture up soon, so you can help me with that.
Project #2 - Clean out the office/exercise room/craft room/music room/play room/storage room/picture fram room/etc/etc. We have a 4 bedroom house, and that poor room has gotten a beaten in 3 years. Since we're about to celebrate the start of year #4 in our home, we decided to purge some things that aren't functional, like this desk. We got it as a hand-me-down, and did a dirty thing - sold it for $35 on craigslist. Our junk, their treasure, right? It was probably worth about $200, so they certainly got a deal! Got rid of that sucker this afternoon.
Project #3: Sell Jeremy's beloved Sentra. Now, we sold the honda LAST weekend to a great family, who's high school daughter will put some love into it. It was such a great car, and it was definitely hard to part from it. But J is having a hard time getting rid of his car. It seems 3 things are holding us back: only one key, chipped paint on the top of the car, and an ubiquitous rattle that comes and goes and was "fixed" last weekend by our trusted mechanic. Otherwise, this car is in great shape, with low miles, new tires, and J was the only owner.  We've had several folks take a look at it, some more serious than others, but we've come to realize that we aren't going to get what we thought we deserved for it, and it's going to be harder to sell than the honda. If you know of anyone interested, send them our way!

Whew, what a weekend - but we feel so accomplished, and certainly a little cleaner around these parts. Come visit us and see our new "do"!


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