Sunday, August 14, 2011

Glorious sleep

These days, with the stormy sleepy weather, I can't get enough of sleep!  J and I have been so blasted busy that the weeks just fly by and the days keep getting shorter and shorter.  A few weeks back when Miriam was sick, we did loose a lot of sleep, so I just keep telling myself we're trying to gain it all back.

There's nothing I look forward to more than the Sunday afternoon nap. Now that Miriam is almost 100% consistent with her 2-4 or 4:30 nap in the afternoons, I set out to take full advantage of that for "me" time. That "me" time means parking my tush on the couch, grabbing the pillow and blanket, and snoozing away til I wake up. There's just something about it - and the fog that I live in for the next 30 minutes while I try to regain consciousness before I hear Miriam tell me she's awake.  After an early, hard working morning at the church, I deserve it - right?

I wish I would have listened to the advice from family and friends about a year ago when they said "sleep when baby sleeps"...why was it so difficult to do that then? Now, I just make it to 2 p.m. and I'm ready for a snooze.

So thankful that Miriam is a great sleeper and good napping baby still. We've certainly been blessed!


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