Thursday, August 27, 2015

Off to Kindergarten we go!!! (M)

Yay-it's time for Kindergarten!!!!!
M has been ready since the day she began 4k. She is so independent and a little too smart for me to handle. I've often wondered if there was something wrong with me because I didn't have all of the sappy emotional feelings to cry at her preschool graduation. I thought maybe I'd at least get a little out of breath dropping her off for the first day of school. Nope. My little girl was so stinkin' brave I didn't have a moment to be overwhelmed. She was made to shine. 

She popped in that classroom like she owned it, face lit up with a smile, and went straight to meet a new friend. 

I realized this gal has been my bosom buddy since birth. In my office for 4 months, nursed for a year, taught in class and nursery at church, then followed throughout preschool. She was in need of a break from her momma. And it's serving her well, at just a week in. 

The second day she had already worked up the courage to let me drop her off in the car line and not be walked in. She's a rock star!!! 
Hoping this Span/Engl class is a great experience for her, and not the follow through of horror stories I've heard. Really holding out for the benefit of the doubt and going for will be so helpful for Honduras :)

Meanwhile, I had to take Little Sister out to lunch that day. She had it ROUGH. Her best friend went missing for a while 7 hours!!! This transition might be the hardest for L than it is for anyone else. 
But I'll be grateful for this season with her, not knowing how long it will last. I'll take advantage of these small moments of just us while we have them. 
Both of these gals-my best friends-are such treasures to me. My life would be so quiet, and so boring and unentertaining without them!!


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