Thursday, August 27, 2015

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As always, for the past four years, we get a week of work/play/fun/learning/teaching at Family Bible Conference at Bonclarken in Flat Rock, NC. I have gone for years to help with the children's program ever since the girls were babies and it's a highlight of our summer (but also marks the downslope to the end of summer ...tear....)

This year did not disappoint! The girls of course are one year older so they are one year older to manage as a single mom for the week with working and "camping" for the week. We made some great new friends, spent some quality time with some of our old friends, had some downtime to just enjoy the outdoors, and learned how hard it's going to be to go-go-go without naps once school starts (oh. my.). 

I taught the 4th/5th graders for the week and had a blast. We learned all about camping out in God's truth....we no longer are slaves to sin, we have been set free by Jesus who lived a perfect life and died for each of us, and our sins are forgiven....that we must act with compassion, gentleness, humility, patience in our lives EVERYDAY-most of all sharing LOVE and telling others about Jesus. Such an amazing week being responsible for sharing these truths through the teachings of Go's word with these totally cool "Shooting Stars"
terriAnna, our special friend, was back with us again this year and she brought her friend Donia with her who had never been near the gospel before. What a privilege to share such truths with her!!

Our Fave Fab girls were around all week with us too, and Mr. Brent loved on the girls (and tortured me) by fixing ice cream desserts whenever the girls wanted them. 

Our accommodations weren't the most of ideal, but we made the best of it. One morning, I got up to run and found Lydia in some crazy positions. When I came back, she was using her mattress as the pillow. She, most of all, was thankful to be back in her own bed!

They have a carnival every year with bounce houses, cotton candy, pop corn and sno cones-always one of our favorite things!

On our last night, we played fun games with the kids-Oreo face slides, cheese ball throws, donut swings and the best-pie plate of whip cream with gummy worms! Can't believe Miriam actually did it. 
The girls loved being in a "class" this time versus being in childcare. They were excited to learn and meet new friends. 

We especially loved our afternoons with the Davis family!! 

Other highlights:
-I completed my 50th mile for the month!!
-coffee every morning for the bakery was on point-major props to my good friend Felipe
-first conference I've ever been able to attend a seminar myself and be encouraged
-bath time at 9/930 every night was Comedy Central in memorial hall!!!!

#fbc2015 rocked!!


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