Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Closing out the summer, part 2

Once we were on our way to the beach, we didn't have a care in the world. 
Our. Happy. Place. 9th avenue. 
Three, full days of glorious sun, sand, water, waves, smiles, giggles, rest, and just us. It never fails that we learn more and more how to maximize our time on the shore and praise God for the creation before us. This time is was evident that the girls were able to join in on that same worship too. It's as if when we are there, our world stops spinning and it's just us to enjoy what is right before us. The four of us needed that respite more than anything. It was a dear reminder of how we began the summer and here we were closing out the summer sitting on the same sand. 
There was also a bit of rejoicing as I completed the longest run I've had since April 2006....10 miles in the books at 8:40/min. I'll take it. 14 weeks ago, it was difficult to run 3 miles at under 10 minutes. Grateful for the consistency and persisence in training. 

On our way home, I shed some tears, really, weeping at the happiness we had over the weekend. There have been some difficult weeks and weekends in the last year and struggles that have gone unshared but as we daily reminded that the Lord continually provides and protects us. And what has been the process of learning since Honduras, is that we gain a new PERSPECTIVE in our faith each day in our walk close to Christ like living when we die to ourself. 
When we do this, we are able to rejoice in the simplicity and in the blessing of the gifts right in front of us. 

Now that summer is over, I am Renewed, refreshed, revived, fulfilled, encouraged, grounded, and prayerfully seeking the openness of tomorrow....


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