Saturday, August 15, 2015

Service week with the Ghent girls

We've been on the go all summer, between fun, work, travel, and work/travel/fun, and with a few more desires on our bucket list before school started back and only two weeks left, we spent the other week in full on service ministry mode. I wanted some quality time with the girls and with others, teaching them all about giving back, being sacrificial, praying for others, sharing laughter and love, and reaping joy alongside other servants. So we had something each day in mind to reach out to others. 

It was the week of preparation for our annual church yard sale, so we spent most of Monday assisting CheleMomma with the sorting of "goods" - the girls are great at sorting and stacking!

Tuesday we teamed up with the older elementary kids from church and joined their "Mission Possible" trip and helped with more sorting, fixed lunch, then traveled to Westminster Towers to play BINGO with the residents and visit with some of our own members there. What a fun time we had!!

Wednesday, we tried something a little different: Loads of Love-we made cookies the night before and drew some colorful happy pictures and decorated them with stickers. We also purchase a container of laundry detergent and we headed over to our local laundromat across the street. While we had a vision of what it might would be, it was quite a hysterical experience and ended up being quite awkward. We actually didn't get to share our gifts of love personally with anyone, but we were able to just leave them on a table-hoping that they brightened someone's day while they spent time there that day!
(I love how Lydia's people have "smiley" faces!:))

Thursday we were back at the church EARLY for a prayer meeting and more yard sale fun, then we did some more visiting and dropping notes and spreading cheer for all the world to hear :)
We always love gifting our sweet mail carrier notes of thanks every now and then. 

Our best laid plans for Friday turned out to be on hold, since we feared Lydia might be coming down with something, so instead of doing our one day road trip and serving some more folks in Charleston, we stayed in town, ran to Charlotte to pick up some important things for the Ghent house and geared up for the weekend. 

The girls love being active, with a purpose each day. It was a great week to focus on teaching how small acts of service are ways we to share God's love with others. And by doing this, we are learning to clothe ourselves with
“compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience,”
(Colossians 3:12)


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