Saturday, September 5, 2015

Final piece of the puzzle

The first week of September always completes the schedule for us. And this year was no exception. With the preschool starting back, our family life was in absolute full motion. Before it even began, I was already grateful for the long weekend ahead and the holiday we had coming!

The start of school, well, was difficult for a few professional reasons for me, and before the week ended, we've already had a major change. 
I absolutely LOVE what I do. Each year the Lord uncovers more and more the skills He has given me and how He has equipped me to teach young people and that desire continues to grow. To think that all started from the "maybe I'll just take this church job for a year?!" Idea 10 yes ago....

Katie and I have 13 sweet 4 yr olds in class who are adorable and eager to learn. I'm so excited to see where they will be in May! 

With the start, Lydia also had her first day of her 4th year, now starting the 3s class with Mrs Kelly and Mrs Cindy. This will probably be her most loved year at EDS yet-she LOVES Mrs Cindy like her own!!! 
It's so different to just have one child at the school with me now and so easy!!!:)

This busy week also brought the start of church on Wednesday, and our circle study began on Thirsday. To add to the crazy, J was out of town (AGAIN!) and had a meeting from 7 am-6pm followed by a dinner and didn't get home til 10 that night so, we had sitters, late nights, early mornings, busy evenings. All of what will be our new normal. Whew. 

Somehow, I managed to squeeze in some 545 am runs (oh my!!) and got in 3 this week. 15 weeks of consistent training. I'm more than ready to run the half LAST week and still have two months! It's SOOOO good to be back in the swing of things, physically, but even more so emotionally and mentally. 

We have lots of projects, travel trips, friends in need in far away places, leadership trainings, Bible studies, and hopefully swim lessons/swim team for M to add in as the fall continues but are thankful for renewed energy EVERY SINGLE MORNING and that we never lack in what we need to keep us going. 
Out with the "whoa is me" mentality and in with the "so excited, what's next, and how will God provide this time" expectation. There ARE great things in store, even amidst the busyness. And it's okay to be busy-it keeps us moving forward (I get soooooooo tired of Christian help books/people telling us to stop being busy-it's the way we are now!!!!!!!) God STILL works in the busy and we can still see Him in the busy. Face it, we live in the busy, we sin in the busy, and we continue to work out our salvation in the busy. What's even better, I can EXPECT God to BE in the busy all the more-how will I see Him today?


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