Sunday, February 8, 2015

I. Need. Coffee.

J flew out to Florida EARLY Monday morning for a sales meeting and left us girls to our own devices :) we had a great week planned with activities and our normal busy schedule so I knew the week would fly by. 
Monday= errands (grocery, bank, nap, Hobby Lobby, craft night)
Tuesday= dinner with Nana, movie and popcorn night
Wednesday= church night
Thursday= baking and playing 
Friday=prep for weekend!!!!

The week was bound to come and go as quickly as it could and the older the girls get the easier it is to care for them "on my own"...
But as I was washing the coffee pot on Monday morning, I realized something drastic: "how am I going to have coffee this week if j isn't here??? He makes all of the coffee every morning!!!" I was shocked and began planning how I could most effectively use the gift cards I had to get my coffee that week. It's so embarrassing but I don't know how to use a real pot. 
I remember back when I lived with mom and dad after college, I had to "make" mom's coffee, but I'm pretty sure dad made it and I just pushed the button to turn it on, or mom did it. I had no clue. And I'm 32 years old!!!

Well, I never sleep well with J gone anyway. I didn't grab any coffee on Wednesday am. So I was tired and that night....we get home from church. And Lydia is coughing so much that I thought she gagged herself....and she throws up. And some more. And some what continues to be an all out 8 hour battle with the stomach bug (or beginnings of the flu, still not sure). At 430 am Thursday am I'm lying in bed, still haven't gotten any sleep for the night and I'm thinking to myself: " how am I going to make it to Dunkin Donuts in the morning with a sick Lydia?"
So I conquered my fears, got up, and attempted to make a pot of coffee. 
I present a fresh pot of successfully brewed coffee. And drank and drank and drank all of the caffeine that I could. 

One lesson mom didn't teach me....and she certainly didn't teach me how to drink it black!


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